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D2 Beginning Character Gear

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I've read some stuff at the SPF recently about "seal glitch" killing to get runes etc.  So in Diablos room, kill the 3 bosses, leave one seal, teleport around to activate a bunch of monsters, hit the last seal to auto kill them.


The guy has had at least a cham and other things ..

Disco-neck Ted:
With all due respect to RTB, I cannot stand using a slow-ass great maul in act I. My starting gear is all designed around the fact that hitting monsters is much harder than letting them hit you. So:

3 skt large shield with chipped skulls = attacker takes damage +12
Upgrade to flawed skulls at lvl 5 for atd +24
3 perfect skulls = atd +60
Hsarus boots and belt = attacker takes damage +5
Sigon's armor + gloves = atd +20
Weapon = Stoutnail for atd +10
2x Nagel rings for atd +6

At lvl 7, you can easily hit ATD +65. The rings and club have MDR, and with a little PDR from I forget where, the monsters kill themselves en masse and you never feel a thing. At least until the Dark Wood.

Charms for life, strength, and stamina, 3skt mask with amethysts or rubies. Sigon's gloves need 60 strength but give +10 str to help with the armor requirement.

I like big life and I can not lie, so one or both nagels get retired at lvl 12 in favor of Angelic ring/amulet combo. Otherwise, crafted prismatic amulet is good.

If you should ever lose your mind and play a paladin, this setup is even better with 4 skt shields. I vividly recall getting swarmed in the tombs by resurrected skeletons (darned mummies!). With full atd gear you can just run through them, laughing.

Also worth considering is stacking chance to cast lvl 3 nova, which spawns on pretty much everything. So much fun to be surrounded by monsters and then, foosh!  You're all alone.

Ted - this is inspiring stuff. I'm going to be trying that. :)

Disco-neck Ted:
Great!  I hope this setup serves you well.


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