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I figured I might as well start a dedicated thread...doesn't hurt.

So the technique I out lined for getting a bee works.  Just not as smoothly as you would hope.  The video I saw talked about an empty Orc village.  Nope.  Full, and worse, there is a mini-boss orc there that was four levels above me.  So you start and run as fast as you can to the platform with the two treants.  Turn around and kill the orcs that come up with you.  The mini-boss can't get up there.  Kill the two trees and rinse and repeat.

On my third run I actually got two Bees.  The first one dropped from the expected target.  I decided to try it out on the mini-boss and it the process of killing him another tree spawn and dropped the second bee.

Not sure which is better as the second has a second higher recharge delay.

Either way I am happy.

I am going to try Jackenstien again.  What a pain in the ass that boss is.

I fixed yer thread title.

I am tempted to reinstall BL2. I had soooo much fun playing Gaige.


You mean the character that does not need to aim.  She is fun.

For what it is worth I was finally able to kill Jackenstein.  The Bee was useful but more important was farming for a shield that made me immune to shock.  My killing speed with the Bee is so much better right now.

I had the Bee way back before they nerfed it.

It's been so long I don't remember what it was before, but I remember it was stupidly OP.

I am back to questing.  I would say that the Bee is not OP right now.  It makes the fights doable at this point.

I am level 71 heading into Wildlife Expo.  I am going to run Loot Midgets when I get there.  Also hoping to farm some Tubbies.


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