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Looks like we don't yet have a thread for general gaming updates.

I grabbed a second hand Wii U yesterday for... reasons.  I only have Mario Kart 8 right now which is an absolute blast, but there are a few other games I definitely want to pick up - Breath of the Wild for one.

Most of my time right now however is spent playing Witcher 3.  I'm only about 20 or so hours in, but this is an absolutely engrossing game.  I can't think off hand of an open world RPG I've enjoyed more and I know I'm probably not even 10% through it because I'm really taking my time with it.  It probably helps that I read all 7 novels before starting playing so I'm really invested in the world.

I really want to find the time to get into Witcher.  I tried playing the first one recently but it is pretty dated.  Might preserve with it on the easiest setting to get through it.

Right now I am mostly playing ME:A which I will be posting about somewhere else.

The problem with The Witcher is... the witcher. As in, Geralt. The world and everything else about the series is great but Geralt is an absolute tool of a character. He's flat, uninteresting, even downright boring. It's just a chore to play as him. He has zero redeeming/interesting qualities.

Give me the same series with a better protagonist and I would play the shit out of it.

I think that is a problem with the way the game is portraying him.  Or worse still, the fact the game is giving you choice and thus can't give Geralt a character.  From the books, he is a character with a lot of nuance, but book Geralt would resolve many of the quest options in a particular way.

I would argue the criticism could be levelled at most western RPGs though, but the fact you can't customise the looks of Geralt in the same way you can a character in something like Mass Effect makes it feel more like Shephard is you than Geralt is you.

I can't customize Aloy, or Lara, or Nilin, or any of a hundred other characters and they manage to be interesting and demonstrate growth and development and have personalities... none of which Geralt manages to do.


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