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Need New Desk Chair for PC Gaming - Recommendations Please


I require a new comfy chair for PC gaming that is going to last me at least the next 10 years. I've been using the same chair for my home PC for the past 16 years now. I suspect the chair was passed its best over a decade ago and the only reason its really starting to give me grief now is because my age is catching up with me.

Would appreciate your recommendations for comfy desk chairs.

I bought this Clutch chair 2 months ago and it's been almost too good, as I rarely want to get up.  It leans back pretty well so I can kick my feet up if I want.

Leaving aside the ridiculously overpriced chairs, I'm quite fond of mesh ones like this one. They are super comfortable, adjustable, and (important to me) they stay nice and cool on warm days. No swimming in a sweaty seat. Also plenty durable - I was dubious at first that the mesh would hold up, but my ass has been planted in this one for hours a day, every day, for ~4 years and it hasn't altered shape or lost any support. I love it so much I talked work into buying me one for the office.


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