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Re: What are you watching?
« Reply #165 on: January 28, 2021, 09:32:06 PM »
keeping up with the expanse. so far a weaker season than the previous few, but still 'must watch' TV for me. can't binge with the weekly episode releases.

watched the queen's gambit with my wife. very good. wife hates chess, but she loved the show. short at 7 (?) episodes.

we were trying to keep up with the current season of star trek discovery but have been an a bit of a hiatus after the mirror universe episodes. i liked the first 2 seasons quite a bit, but so far this one hasn't caught me. we'll probably get back to the show eventually.

we also watched the first episode and a half of wandavision. even allowing for a slow build and obviously gimmick episodes to start, just painfully bad. not sure if/when we'll get back to this one.

just finished chernobyl, the miniseries from hbomax that came out a year or two ago. wife passed on this one, and after i finished it, i think i'm glad she did. the show's very well done, but more horrific than anything i've seen in ages.

looking at this list and thinking we should cut a streaming service... supposed to save money by cutting cable, right?


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Re: What are you watching?
« Reply #166 on: February 07, 2021, 12:46:08 PM »
For some of our most recent movies and shows:

Queen's gambit. Unoriginal opinion here, we indeed liked it a lot, very well built, and impressive performance by Anya Taylor Joy.
Knives Out: It was fun, and I love how it breaks the classic "whodunnit" structure. Incredible casting, sometimes a bit under-exploited, but still a very fun watch.
Cobra Kai. Loved the first season, we feel that some of the characters brought in the second season kind of bring the whole show down for a while, but second half of the third season becomes great again. Definitely eager to see what's next.