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Intel Chip Design Flaw



Not sure yet how much of this is fear mongering.  The upshot is that a design flaw in the chip architecture allows code to be able access protected kernel memory.  The article above is stating that it might cause a 30% degradation of speed.  If true this is very very large problem.  The article states that it affects all Intel chips over the last decade.

Ray Patean:
If it's true and accurate, I'm really happy I went with a Ryzen CPU with my current computer. This could be pretty bad news.

To update on this topc :

2 flaws, Meltdown and Spectre.
Meltdown is Intel only, but can be mostly mitigated by OS patches which have been rolling out already.
Spectre concernes EVERY chipset made in the last ~10 years (basically any chip which has branch prediction) and has no global possible fix, just possible mitigation software by software.

Pretty bad times :/


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