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Win 10 Creator's Update on Macbook Pro


So. It turns out installing the new Win 10 update on a MacBook/Pro using BootCamp nukes the lappy. Now they tell me.

* Lego currently reinstalling *everything*, from the Os's on up :(

Mac or windows fault?

Windows. I'm sure it'll be fixed shortly, as it's effecting more than me, but crap that was a shock. That's ALOT of shit to redownload on my slow 1mb/sec connection. I have a time machine backup I'm about to run that I forgot about. Hopefully alot of stuff is still saved on that.


The Win 10 update was responsible for a graphics driver fuckup on my laptop too, turns out 'optimus' and it's various hybrid intel/real gpu driver derivatives aren't happy with the win 10 creator's update in a lot of cases either.

Ouch :(

Turns out my Time Machine backup had nearly everything, so it wasn't much of a hassle. But still, man, I wish they'd test these updates more.


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