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As I mentioned I have been dabbling a bit in 1.09 again. I was looking at how much stuff I have especially for lower levels. I stockpiled about everything you can think of including charms, jewels, rare rings and amulets.

Just wondering for something different.
1. Do you have 'typical' starting gear you use with a new character?

2. Do you have some godly low level items for characters?

3. I hosted a level 9 PvP tournament ages ago. It was using only what you found. I was wondering about how close I could get a charcter like this to perfection with all the junk. Stuff like reistances, weapon damage, magic find, health, mana etc. Would you want to try and post your charcter for whatever version?

I will post more of my answers a little later but here are a few items I found forgotten in my stashes.

Gemmed Superior Rondache
Defense: 17
Chance to Block:  35%
Smite Damage: 2 to 8
Durability: 34 of 35
(Paladin Only)
Required Strength: 26
Required Level: 6
Item Level: 90
Fingerprint: 0x65555466
All Resistances +54 + (2 flawed diamonds for +60)
Increase Maximum Durability 15%
Socketed (2: 2 used)

Gemmed Short War Bow
Two-Hand Damage: 6 to 14
Required Dexterity: 55
Required Strength: 35
Bow Class - Normal Attack Speed
Item Level: 90
Fingerprint: 0x881af0f3
Adds 3-4 fire damage
Adds 1-8 lightning damage
Adds 1-3 cold damage over 1 seconds
+20 poison damage over 2 seconds
28% Damage to Undead
Socketed (5: 5 used)

I like putting Hsaru's Set and Bloodfist gloves on a lot of new characters, serves them well for quite a while.  30%FHR, 10%IAS, Cannot Be Frozen, +10 strength, scaling attack rating and defense.  Sometimes I'll combine that with Cathan's Mask + Ring for life steal, more strength and mana, and some bonus fire damage.  Armor can be whatever until I can make a Stealth, Weapon is whatever is best for the class.

I used to, but doubt there will be more starting in 1.09 now.  Sigons set was always nice, RTB had good ideas, get a great maul and lower requirement jewels and + damage, slow but you 1 hit anything for ages.  You can do that to easily get to level 20.  And of course then go do the ancients and get more than 1 level up in 1.09.

D2A.  Its a shame you didn't get to see a 1.09 Raven Claw in 1.10+   Just blows up all of normal mode!

I have used Bloodfist and Cathan's rings at times but never used Hsarus set at all.

I think I do have  a 6 socket maul somewhere loaded with a bunch of jewels to lower requirements and boost damage even more. I think I have done the same thing with a halberd and crystal sword or something as well for starting.

I did try 1.10 for a bit not long after it came out but never got into it too much. I recently tried 1.14 by accident. I hit battle net by accident and with my internet speed it updated to the version before I had a chance to cancel. So I tried it out a little. At least the areas I tried like pit and Threshy seemed much easier really with runes dropping a lot more and high end stuff too. I just can't see starting all over at this point on characters or a grail.

Yeah, the rune drop rates are nice.  In 7+ years in 1.10 or earlier I only found 1 Ber, 1 Ohm and 1 Mal.  In the last 6 months I've found 1 Sur, 3 Los, 3 Ohms, 1 Gul, 2 Ists, and 4 Mals.  You have to completely change your builds from pre-1.10 to 1.10+ though due to synergies and how much more difficult Hell is.  Almost all of my characters from 1.09 didn't survive the transition back in the day.


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