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So I fired up D2 again

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dave in the basement:
No idea how long it will last, but right now I'm having fun goofing around in 1.07 with a sorc. Hopefully I'll get to run some racks eventually.  :P

Anyone remember much about 1.07?

I'd love to run some 1.09 and 1.10 (at least) if I can find a good version switcher. Need to track down some sort of ATMA, too.

Gg Dave.

Some faqs around. Cold mastery breaks immunity. Static field doesn’t stop!  Full purple bug. No min level for the ancients reward!


Sounds good.  Maybe you will finally finish off that HC Trapper that you were too scared to continue.


If you don't mind some cheese, there is a bugged crafting formula in 1.07 that can give you up to 35 mana points per kill (MPK bug).


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