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Last Season, I racked up 1000 Paragon points, which I think was a first.  First or not, I celebrated anyway, since I didn't remember if I'd done it before.

This Season, I was pushing my Monk pretty hard to finish a GR 100, which I've never done, but it's just too time-consuming.  Run Rifts, get keys, run GRs, level gems, upgrade gear, repeat, repeat, repeat.  Bleah.  It's one thing to grind if you can actually see progress, but if I spend an hour or two and my "reward" is that I now have some armor that lets me do 0.5% more damage... ugh.  It's hard to stay enthusiastic about that.  I guess that's why I call it watching numbers getting bigger.  It sometimes feels like that's all we're doing.

So anyway, my later goal was to get a character in each class up to Level 70, which turned out to be easier than I thought it would be.  Those Gems of Ease sure come in handy, don't they?  So I amended that to make them able to run at least Torment 6 (remember when that was really high?)  I upped that to T10, then finally T16.  I suppose now, I'll have to look at GR goals.

This takes us back the question which has plagued mankind since the dawn of... Diablo III.  When is a character "done"?  What is the "goal"?  In D2, you couldn't get past Level 99.  I got bored with a character long before that happened.

Hey, we're doing double goblins these days?  I had a pair yesterday, then several pairs today.  I didn't see anything about it, but it seems to be going on.

Got double Gelatinous Sires, and couldn't see through all the loot to kill the little few little ones.  Oh well.

That's cool!  Once in a while it's nice to be reminded that there are cool people out there.

You mean teleporting everywhere to save time?  I might try that, but honestly, I've tried using teleport before (years ago), and didn't really like it.  The mechanics of it aren't the same as teleport from D2, and I guess I didn't get the hang of it right away, so I gave up.

Like I said, I might try it.  Gotta wait for another Aether Walker to drop, though.

Hey Orbert, I agree that Frenzy set is a fun set to run. Unfortunately, Blizz didn't make it as strong or as fast as the Whirly Barb so it's not getting the love it deserves.

That's just a shame.  So many gamers have this mentality that if it's not the most powerful thing ever, then there's no point.  This is a huge contributor to the power creep phenomenon, probably the main one.  Every time they introduce something new, it has to up the game.  Nowadays, if you can't clear GR 100 in five minutes, why bother?

I don't care if it's the most powerful thing ever.  I'm just looking for something different and fun to play.  I've always liked Frenzy, ever since D2 days, so for me, this is awesome.  I just cleared a GR 80 using a Frenzy build that I literally made up myself out of pieces I've found.  To me, that's the fun.  It's the challenge, figuring it out, and making it happen.

Oh well, to each their own.  I'm still having fun.

My Hydra Wiz is also very good and very fast (plus she's cuter).  I was going with her when I'd traditionally gone with a Demon Hunter for Bounties.  I pulled out my UE Demon Hunter the other day, just to compare, and she still rips through Bounties of course, but the Hydra Wiz seemed a bit faster, and the WhirlyBarb seems faster still.  Plus there's the "convenience factor" (more like "laziness factor" -- ha ha) of just pushing the Whirlwind key (#2 for me) and holding it down while you Whirl nonstop through the entire map, destroying everything, picking up goodies without even stopping.

But they're all different, which is the glorious thing about D3.  The different classes all feel different to me, and play differently.  Sure, you're basically running random maps over and over, kinda doing the same things over and over and just watching the numbers get bigger, but there's enough variety to keep me interested.  As long as they keeping adding new stuff, I'll have new stuff to check out.  Not bad for a game I haven't spent a penny on since the Necro expansion pack.

Got my WhirlyBarb up to running GR 75 or so, T16, so basically she's "done".  She's now my go-to Bounty runner, just because she moves so fast.  At this point, it's just a matter of finding Ancient gear, buffing them up, pushing for higher GR levels, etc.

Along the way, she'd managed to collect all the new Barb set pieces.  I'd forgotten that Barbs got a new set, too, which cranks up Frenzy.  I tried it out, kinda half-assed, by converting my Whirly setup to Frenzy, but it wasn't working, so I switched back to Whirly.  Then an Ancient Bastion's Revered dropped (Frenzy stacks 10 times instead of 5, plus some other weird bonus that I can't remember right now), so I figured I'd give it another shot.

It made a huge difference, as you might expect.  Basically it makes the build, although the Ancient Undisputed Champion (Frenzy gains the effects of every rune, plus cranks the damage) I already had certainly helped.  I like to try to figure out my own builds when I can, see how far I can get, before peeking at the IcyVeins build guides, and I haven't peeked yet.  Managed to run some GR75 and she ran some T16 cows, so I figure she's doing alright.

My Hydra Wizard is still my go-to character this season.  She's the one who rips through Bounties when I need crafting materials, and Rifts when I feel like leveling gems or just collecting Blood Shards for gambling with other characters.

Trying to figure out what to do with the Primal Furnace, I remembered that the Witch Doctor has a new set this season, so I leveled up a Gem of Ease and stuck it in the Primal Furnace, then started a Witch Doctor and gave it to her.  She reached 70 insanely fast, of course.  I love that part.  I already had one of the pieces from a "non-smart drop", and started collecting more.  Then I finally read what the bonuses are, and they're boring.  I'm not a big fan of Spirit Barrage.  I mean, it's kinda different, but the collecting was taking a while, and if the big payoff is cranking Spirit Barrage, it just didn't seem worth it.  I salvaged her gear and deleted the character.

Started a Barb.  WhirlyBarb for now, since they're such silly fun.  Before I collected both swords, she was still Whirling with the Furnace, but I'd tranmogged it into a Blade of the Tribes, that thing that looks like a gigantic kitchen knife.  Watching her Whirl with that giant blade was insane.  Lots of fun.  Finally got the second sword (after nabbing three of the first one), so now she's pretty much geared up.  But now I have to work.

Sorry.  I tend to use up all the RNG luck around here.  If I didn't know better, I'd think I was cheating or something.  My luck is unreal sometimes.

I know there are newer, spiffier, sexier weapons out there.  I don't care.  I still love The Furnace.

No idea what I'm gonna do with it with Int, but I'll think of something.

Okay maybe more than four or five, but spending millions in gold seems pretty extreme.  I know RNG is a fickle bitch, but if I'm doing something I think should be possible, and it hasn't happened after a ridiculous amount of time, I double-check to make sure it really is possible.

When I first started, I didn't think about the difference between Primary and Secondary stats, and didn't know about the question marks in the window.  I just knew that the Secondary stats seemed weaker overall and couldn't figure out why I'd go broke before I'd ever get a socket instead of 1.3% Chance to Belch upon Striking a Demon or whatever.

Any weapon can have a socket.  Go to the Mystic and have her Enchant one of the Primary Stats of the weapon.  It has to be a Primary Stat.  That might be your problem.  Depending on the item, it should roll as a choice in maybe four or five rolls, tops.

Finished collecting the Typon's Veil set.  The deal with Hydra heads dying isn't as bad as I thought.  You can only lose one head every two seconds (which I knew), but that's actually a relatively long time during a battle (which I didn't realize).  Also, I find myself recasting Hydra pretty often anyway.  The cost is negligible and there's no cooldown, plus I think I'm used to plopping Demon Hunter Sentries all over the place.  That's a habit I need to break, or at least adjust.

Hydras are similar to Sentries in that you put them out there and they do damage.  I was initially disappointed that you still only get two, and they instead increased the number of heads, but I think they intentionally made the mechanics (and thus the gameplay) different.  The five-headed Hydras, especially with the 6-piece bonus, do insane amounts of damage.  So you choose your placement more carefully, move, and place them again.  Depending on the map, I find myself setting up a classic two-sided crossfire in open spaces, or leapfrogging them in corridors and gauntlet-type rifts.  So it's different, which I have to admit is better than just copying the dynamic involved with Sentries.

Went from T8 to T10 as soon as I finished the set, and could definitely go higher right now.  But sadly, I have to work today, so more later.

So the 4-piece bonus for Typhon's Veil is geared specifically for defense.  It seems to have no advantages, only negatives, if you're not having any issues with squishiness:

"Damage taken is reduced by 8% for each Hydra head alive, as long as there is one available. Each time you take damage, a Hydra head dies, but no more than once every 2 seconds (4 pieces)"

I found the shoulders and had a RORG, so I tried out the 4-piece bonus.  It was depressing.  Basically, every time you take damage, one of your Hydra heads dies.  I have no idea why this is seen as a good thing.  The first part of it, "Damage taken is reduced by 8% for each Hydra head alive", sounds great, except that if you do manage to take damage, you start losing heads, so your damage reduction is also reduced (since it's tied to the number of heads, which keeps going down), and pretty soon you die unless you keep spamming Hydras to keep the number of heads up.

So I switched the shoulders back out, as I am not currently having any issues with defense.  Swapping out the RORG was not an option as it's in the Cube and I have Sage's and Captain Crimson's bonuses going on for now.

The 6-piece bonus "Hydras deal 1300% increased damage for each Hydra head alive (6 pieces)" massively cranks the damage, yay, but as soon as the action starts, heads start dying every 2 seconds, so when you need it most, your damage reduction goes down and your damage dealing also goes down.  Again, I'm not sure why that's supposed to be a good thing.  Presumably it's not as bad as it sounds on paper.

Been gambling gloves non-stop trying to get a fourth piece of the set, no luck yet.  I still need to try out the 6-piece bonus to see how it all works, but on paper it seems kinda wonky.

I forget now what the official name is, and I'm too lazy to look it up, but you know what I mean.

I like Hydras, so I decided to play a Wizard, even though Haedrig's Gift isn't the new Typhon's Veil set, which boosts Hydras and stuff.  I figured I'd grind my way through to 70, then start collecting.

Got her to 70 (Winnie the Wizard), had a few Level 70 recipes I could use for some gear, but needed chest armor.  Had a handful of Blood Shards already from running Nephalem Rifts, so I hit up Kadala and Bang! Typhon's chest armor right off the bat.  The next worst item I had was shoulders.  You guessed it, I actually got Typhon's shoulders on the third try.  Two-piece bonus already without even trying.  Don't hate me because I'm beautiful.

So anyway, the Season is off to good start so far.  :)

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