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Diablo 3 / Re: Season 16: The Season of Grandeur
« Last post by Orbert on March 06, 2019, 01:40:35 PM »
My N6M4 now has all Ancient equipment (counting the Primal Rucksack), and the "next level" is boosting them all via Caldesann's Despair.  Which requires several cranked-up Legendary Gems (which means lots of Keystones) and a whole lot of regular Gems.

Since she had a full UE set in the Stash, I made a UE setup for her, and have been tweaking it.  Optimizing for running T13 Rifts is easier than optimizing for maximum GR level.  Basically everything's focused on speed and damage, so now she flies through regular rifts one-shotting everything and collecting Keystones.  Then I'll level up a Legendary Gem, boost some equipment, rinse and repeat.  At the very least, this will provide some variety as I incrementally boost the N6M4 build.  I'm not sure why I didn't think of this before.  Probably because I still think of characters having certain builds.  I keep forgetting how easy they've made it to switch builds via the Armory.
Gaming General / Re: General gaming chatter
« Last post by maxbeedo on March 06, 2019, 11:58:34 AM »
Unpopular opinion - the Witcher 3 sucks. I'm so bored and the combat is lame.

You're not wrong.  I didn't find any of the Witcher games particularly fun to play.  The story usually made up for it, and in 3's case especially after I had read several of the books, since 3 far more than 1 or 2 has dozens of references that they assume you know.
General Discussion / Re: Greetings!
« Last post by Disco-neck Ted on March 06, 2019, 11:19:46 AM »
Wow, guys!  It feel like we just sat down over coffee or beers and had a good chat. Thank you for that.

Cluck Kent, you cracked me up with that!  Envisioning a utensil, perhaps an enormous spatula, to help shift people who have congealed in place.

Mn4nu:  I gave you advice?  Was it any good?!? Ha!
 Yes, great times with you and SSB, way back when. I haven't played in ages but the enthusiasm (i.e. insanity) around here is eroding my resistance.

@Sssith:  we play first edition AD&D and you are welcome to drop in on a game any time you're in southern Arizona. In fact, a couple buddies flew in from LA two weeks ago to continue a campaign that started in the 80s. That's not typical, but it's not the first time, either.

Hey ya, Tim!  Sorry to hear about your intestine, but really glad it didn't stop you from enjoying your travels. I myself had a Guinness after touring their factory in Dublin. Scratch one off the bucket list.

As for you Mr. NorthStarZon, it's great to hear from you! Peace and goodwill to you as well.
This business with wrists and computers, sometimes I just don't see how people do it.  Mine burned up playing Eye of The Beholder back in the day. Glad that you were able to get some help with it.

Thanks for the good word, Orbert!

Liquid Evil, good to see you!  Trying to kick ass at life?  What an excellent philosophy!  The only game I've played recently is kakuro, and far too much of that. The lure of it being good for one's mental acuity is a convenient built-in rationale for such a time sink.

Pixie:  Were you the one who penned the excellent "Rose" story?  Sorry if I got that wrong. As for having launched your kids, great job!  You probably still have reflexes enough and mad skillz to pwn those punks on the console when they visit. ;-)

All this discussion of life in general and kids in particular is really thought-provoking. It's neat to imagine what would be different with a few changes to the old timeline.


Gaming General / Re: General gaming chatter
« Last post by Pixie on March 06, 2019, 07:57:21 AM »
Also, looking at what kind of tower I could have built for the price of this laptop is depressing  :-X

Gaming General / Re: General gaming chatter
« Last post by Lego on March 06, 2019, 06:58:02 AM »
Also, looking at what kind of tower I could have built for the price of this laptop is depressing  :-X
Gaming General / Re: General gaming chatter
« Last post by Lego on March 06, 2019, 06:30:36 AM »
Unpopular opinion - the Witcher 3 sucks. I'm so bored and the combat is lame.
General Discussion / Re: Greetings!
« Last post by Pixie on March 05, 2019, 05:32:23 PM »
Hello peoples. I'm older than some and younger than others. Yay. Sneaking up on 47. Kids are 26 and 22 and the older one just got engaged. Ugh, time, where does it go?

Divorced 2 years ago after 17 years together. Living like a hermit now. Do what I want, when I want; eat what I want, buy what I want... it's not all bad. Bit lonely, though.

I work a shitty job that pays decently enough to live on and have play money and doesn't require a ton of extracurricular time. I'd like to make more/like my job more/etc but meh, here I am.

I mostly play video games in my many off hours. And I still take potshots at writing from time to time until something distracts me and I abandon a project to start a new one.

Also: fuck snow. I'm tired of it. I'd like to slap younger me that thought moving back to Maine was a fine idea. :P
Gaming General / Re: Anthem
« Last post by Sssith on March 05, 2019, 11:21:55 AM »
Well it seems you got a lot of play in.  The idea of it bricking a PS4 is pretty insane.  I have never heard of a game doing that before.
Gaming General / Re: Anthem
« Last post by maxbeedo on March 05, 2019, 12:36:28 AM »
I'm basically done with the game now I think.  There are some collection-based challenges left but they're pretty pointless to do for the rewards they give and they'd take several hundred hours.  I actually completed the Challenge of Valor which involves doing 100 World Events, 25 Strongholds, 25 Contracts and 25 Missions, but all it gives is some money and some lore from the Bard, and presents a new Challenge that involves killing 2500 of each enemy faction plus a bunch of Elites/Legendaries, and it doesn't count any I've already killed up to that point.  Not really worth it.  I have a Power 494 Colossus now with at least a Masterwork in every slot (except Support, which has no Masterworks), and have every achievement except for the collection one (which I don't think anyone has completed legitimately) and the platinum.  I think 10 or so of the trophies currently are at <2% achieved, so I've clearly played this game more than almost anyone, but there's nothing left for me to do but roam the world hoping to find collectables I haven't already found after 40+ hours of freeplay. 

News came out about the game bricking peoples' PS4s, but that didn't happen to me (on a PS4 Slim) in 100+ hours.
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