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General Discussion / America's Cup
« on: May 29, 2017, 04:34:07 PM »
Does anyone else know this is on?  Or care about it? 

That sport where you need about a hundred million to get a team in it, where the previous winners can set the rules to whatever they want!

There is Team USA who has an Australian at the wheel.
Team Japan has a New Zealander at the wheel.
Team GB has an Olympian who has won more sailing medals than anyone by the sounds of it. He seems to think this race is actually a demolition derby and keeps crashing into other boats/the wharf.
Team Sweden has an Australian at the wheel
France and NZ actually have someone from their country driving :P

The Australians withdrew, maybe due to their best people on other boats? lol

Some of it all seems a bit silly, in the previous cup, after it was over, they said the boats would never sail again.  They needed a massive crane to lift them out of the water and put them back which is expensive to operate.

Other Tech Toys / VR
« on: May 21, 2017, 07:44:47 PM »
Anyone got it yet?  Seems to be quite expensive .. and you need a really good computer to be able to power it.

Due to this, I'm a long way off having it myself.  I'm going to try to visit a friend in a few months when he is back from holiday and have a go at it.  I heard you can't really have it explained, you have to experience it.

Maybe there is a theme here.  People (without kids) who can afford a 2 month holiday, can afford VR :P

Also VR is very new relatively at this point, there are a lot of silly little things around.  I'm interested in Serious Sam VR myself.  They ported their old games (all of it) with full motion, not just stuck in a spot with waves coming at you.

Music / RIP Chris Cornell
« on: May 18, 2017, 04:13:06 AM »
Shit, dying at only 52! His voice was a massive part of my teen years and beyond.  Luckily I heard the man sing live 3 times, solo and in Soundgarden.  I'm not sure a musician dying has hit me like this before.  So unexpected :(

Diablo 3 / 5 years today
« on: May 14, 2017, 05:00:21 PM »
Doesn't seem that long ago .. the anticipation, the booking of 3 days holiday. 

Then .. it was time for ERROR 37 and other friends.

So glad thats just a memory now.  After those first few days of experiencing the story slowly I'm glad our current game is much different and better.

General Discussion / New people (or bots) without intro posts
« on: May 08, 2017, 04:26:29 PM »

Should we have a friendly sticky asking for people to say hello first, or soon apon arriving so we know they are actually human and get some idea about them?  See that wall of text in the argument chamber?    Also saw someone else did a first post about Xbox (seems more human).

The problems of having a working sign up area!

Diablo 3 / Idea: the paragon table
« on: May 04, 2017, 06:17:14 PM »
Did you know Sideshowbob is approaching paragon 2200?

I sometimes have a look at this, more for seasonal progress to get an idea who is powerful and probably finished and who is still chugging along and may need a help/can help.  I thought I might collate a little table showing SC and HC progress and updating it every now and then. 

The purpose wouldn't be e-peen, just over time allows snapshots of things.  It really illustrates how pushing those high rifts breaks the glass ceiling.

Diablo 3 / Goal: having a full Kanai's cube
« on: May 04, 2017, 06:03:58 PM »
I heard Bob already has done this of course, has anyone else tried towards it?  I started with my DH and working to the achievement of 100 items in the cube.  Then each season I would see what I had never cubed, and try to do those.  I'm now down to 39 based on my last count.   27 in the weapons/off hand, 9 armour, and 3 jewelry.  17 crusader and 13 monk are the biggest headaches right now, but with a crusader in the current season I'll see what I can do about that!

I'm not yet at any one character completely finished, two of them are 1 off each

I've found its been a nice little distraction and helps towards the old "grailing" type mentality.

Diablo 3 / Share your achievement score! (continued)
« on: May 03, 2017, 08:44:30 PM »
Resurrecting the old thread, it was about 240 days since the last update.  The D1 event alone means people have moved a bit.

*edit* added TheMikrobe, and fixed spacing

I found Dave likes a bit of cock punchery.  He has 100% in the set dungeons!
Cluck has got 2 rare ones to make mn4nu a bit jealous. Saviour and the Monk Heals!
Welcome Lego! You can only go up from here :D
Welcome Fnarkl!
Biggest jump in score goes to zerograv who is up 2000 points!
Melchy up almost 1000 too.
mn4nu is only up 180 points, but now has 100% rating in 7 categories.  Time to get that healing monk going and you can finish it!  Only 45 more people to save from death ..
Supermatt up almost 900!

It seems apart from Agode (probably on a break) all the top people have expanded a bit

Code: [Select]
Diablo3 Achievements post V2. 

Forum Name         Battletag          Achievement Score
mn4nu              mn4nu              8140 ^180

SideShowBob        SideShowBob        7640 ^160
Timinator          Timinator          7520 ^190
                   IJH                7410 ^140
Synuclein          Salem              7320 ^150
CluckKent          CluckKent          7070 ^250

Corpsie            Creations          6810 ^120
Ray Patean         RayPatean          6730 ^180
                   nswhorse           6770 ^260
DaveintheBasement  Daveismyhero       6460 ^480
Agodeshalf         Agodeshalf         6330
Reigns             Reigns             6300 ^120
                   flo                6050 ^210
Hurtlocker         Hurtlocker         6010 ^220

Trenshadow         Trenshadow         5930
Orbert             Orbert             5900 ^160
Grogs              Grogs              5870
                   chimerian          5860 ^370
ATCJazz            Jazz               5820 
Crashace           Crash              5800 ^170
Supermatt          Supermatt          5690 ^870
Thrugg             Thrugg             5680 ^170
                   saz                5570
Sigilstun          Sigilstun          5450 ^50
TheMikrobe         TheMikrobe         5390 N
                   beebo              5370 ^130
Jedsia             Jedsie             5320
                   ibkillinem         5290 ^580
Melchior           Melchior           5230 ^960    
Mattis             BigD               5110
Terrorphile        Terrorphile        5100

                   george1983         4970
                   smiltstomb         4960 ^130    
                   ezo                4960 ^40    
                   mana               4900
   Satch              4880 ^570
Sam_manzanza       GunMetalBlue       4850 ^70
   AVEN               4750 ^170
                   karwin             4740 ^120    
NorthStarZon       NorthStar          4660 ^40
                   Javvarix           4630 N
Zertuals_Ovrlrd    Rendog             4540
                   Emyx               4520
   javolin13          4510 ^520
UrlikSkarsol       UrlikSkarsol       4470
fnarkl             fnarkl             4460 N
   ezenthar           4430 ^410
   fett787            4410 ^430
   strawberry         4400 ^690
                   santropix          4360 ^10
   furiousT           4280 ^150
   dibs               4260 ^230
Darkness           Darkness           4200
Beorach            Kungming           4190
Nanenj             nanenj             4180 ^660
                   Rogii              4160

                   Danl               3910
Hicpotboy          Hicpotboy          3820
                   Executor           3810
                   fury               3750 N    
                   chengoflex         3690 
           bloodthorn66       3600 ^240
   glitchy            3580 ^290
                   whitetiger         3550
                   thunderp           3470
KingsSpectre       KingsSpectre       3430
                   heyo25             3270
                   clownbaby          3240
Ambar              Slice              3150 down 50
                   Damocles           3090 
           Batham             3050 N
                   Silver5054         2980
Pixelated          Luchaire           2770
zerogravitas       Mivonks            2710 ^2010
TheNix             TheNix             2650 ^10
Sssith             Sssith             2470
                   Pirran             2430
Icebird            Icebird            2120
                   Hobojoe            2120 N
Dust               Dust               2060

                   Angelica           1470
                   anomoly            1450

                   Bloodthirst         750
Diamondgirl        Diamondgirl         720
Phyl               Syssillith          420
Lego               Elfnub              130 N

Last known Vanilla D3 v1.08 scores.

Forum Name         Battletag          Achievement Score
SideShowBob        SideShowBob        4450
Gohanman           Gohanman           4400
mn4nu              mn4nu              4350
Grogs              Grogs              4260
Timinator          Timinator          4050
UrlikSkarsol       UrlikSkarsol       4020
Ray Patean         RayPatean          3870
Corpsie            Creations          3810
Mattis             BigD               3800
DX-Crawler         DrFluff            3750
Synuclein          Salem              3700
Sigilstun          Sigilstun          3550
TheNix             TheNix             3540
Asmodeous          Asmodeous          3520
ShatterFriend      EmperorMao         3480
Thrugg             Thrugg             3380
Agodeshalf         Agodeshalf         3230
Sssith             Sssith             3220
Sam_manzanza       GunMetalBlue       3110
Supermatt          Supermatt          3100
Reigns             Reigns             3010
Icebird            Icebird            2930
Nanenj             nanenj             2900
Dust               Dust               2840
ATCJazz            Jazz               2830
Crashace           Crash              2820
Jedsia             Jedsie             2800
Hicpotboy          Hicpotboy          2750
Beorach            Beorach            2720
Kasferatu          Kasferatu          2440
Terrorphile        Terrorphile        2430
Andypoo            Andypoo            2320
Flan               Flanimax           2020
NorthStarZon       NorthStar          2010
Zertuals_Ovrlrd    Rendog             1950
moocow             moocow             1710
Luchaire           Luchaire           1720
MinorDeity         MinorDeity         1690
Ambar              Slice              1640
Shivan             Shivan             1380
Diamondgirl        Diamondgirl         850
zerogravitas       Mivonks             830
Phyl               Syssillith          340

The Argument Chamber / Relevant thoughts from The Oatmeal
« on: May 02, 2017, 04:26:45 PM »
As a non American most of the things didn't shock/anger me. I'm going to look more into that things about the republican judges though..

Some good things to think about when discussing ideas in here, or in other places in life

Movies & TV / 13 reasons why
« on: April 26, 2017, 05:16:16 PM »
Anyone else watching/watched? I'm part why in episode 3 and want to keep watching. I know it gets rough later

Diablo 3 / Dumb questions thread
« on: April 22, 2017, 03:49:41 AM »
Are primal ancients account bound or per character?

The Argument Chamber / Successor to Queen Elizabeth II
« on: April 20, 2017, 12:42:28 PM »
Ok first I hope she sticks around for many more years, but she is mortal and I'm not a big fan of the idea of King Charles. Imagine if there was a public vote on the replacement? Who would you vote for?

King William with lots of time on the clock, or maybe King Harry? Or another female?

The fact not many people out there have a living memory before 1952 means it will be an interesting time.

I think a King Charles could mean a few countries on the common wealth may change to republics and have their own head of state

Diablo 3 / Boost to whimsydale?
« on: April 19, 2017, 06:50:56 PM »
The clouds drop a lot of gems. Dbs and forgotten souls easy to source. The presents drop big time including a few legs.

It wasn't always this good was it?

Diablo 3 / Necro beta is live
« on: April 11, 2017, 10:39:43 PM »
Anyone in?

Movies & TV / Life or Logan?
« on: April 07, 2017, 05:18:26 PM »
The trailers for these two look neat. Not sure which I'd want to see more.

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