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General Discussion / Drozz came back....
« on: November 05, 2018, 01:48:01 PM »
Holy spit! This thing is still going on? And alot of the people from 15 years ago are still here!!! Wild!

Just checking in. Some heat arose from some of my old D2 buddies when I tagged them in a fb post about being excited for Diablo Immortal. Apparently that is taboo and no one is allowed to be excited about Diablo on mobile.

Ok, so since I left you guys all those years ago, I don't do PC gaming anymore. When I left all those years ago, it was to focus on my writing. Well, that never panned out, so I started playing games on my phone. It's easier, and I can still chat with my wife and kids, instead of being on the computer and ignoring everyone. That won't fly in my house.

So, I'm checking in, and yes, I'm excited for a Diablo game on mobile. Let the chairs fly!

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