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Diablo (now with Diablo 4 Hype) / Season 19 PTR
« on: October 20, 2019, 09:28:29 AM »
It looks like a fun season mechanic built around maintaining monster kill streaks for huge damage bursts at milestones.
The biggest news is the release of new sets for monks and crusaders.  The Wrath of the Wastes set has a new support item
in Ambo's Pride and Lamentation has received a rework.  The barbarian may have workable DPS possibilities.  I believe that
wizards have had a bit of a nerf from what I've read with Attack Speed on Chantodo's set working differently.

PCs / Favorite Anti-virus Software?
« on: November 30, 2017, 04:19:16 PM »
Hi, guys.  We took the plunge and bought our oldest a gaming laptop
for fun, and in the near future, college.  As a Mac family for the past
20+ years, our knowledge of PC anti-virus software is behind the times
undoubtedly.  What do you use and recommend using?  Some feedback
will be appreciated.

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