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Gaming General / Anthem
« on: February 22, 2019, 02:57:46 AM »
Bioware's Open-World Co-op FPS finally launched a few hours ago for most people.  Some got it a week ago for early access through Origin.  I picked it up for PS4 and played about 3 hours tonight.  So far, pretty fun overall.  Had a few technical issues at the start for about 2 minutes with it not connecting, but that's to be expected within 5 minutes of a launch.  In 3 hours I had 1 crash-logout and 1 weird loading screen glitch.  The crash logout happened "in town", so nothing lost there.  The glitch happened during a mission, but thankfully when I closed the game and relaunched it, it recognized that I had "an existing session", and put me right back in with the same people I was co-oping with, and I ended up with almost the same XP overall, so barely an inconvenience.  Within a few missions I've unlocked the ability to do "freeplay" which is basically just exploring the world and picking up loot and materials, and I've talked to 10 or so NPCs in the main hub town.  The town is a separate instance for each player so they can talk to NPCs how they want, though there's also a meetup area for people to show off their mechs similar to the Gathering Hub in Monster Hunter World.  Matchmaking so far has been seamless and relatively quick.

I'm currently playing a Colossus, the big boy.  He doesn't get any regenerating shields, but he has a fairly large amount of health, carries bigger guns, and his melee is generally much stronger.  He can pull out a huge physical shield to block attacks as well as charge-bulldoze over enemies with it.  After the first mission you choose 1 javelin to unlock but the others are apparently unlocked at lvl 8, 16 and 26 (level cap is 30).  I'm at lvl 6 after 4 missions.

Based on everything I've seen this will be one of the most divisive games this year.  Pretty much every outlet is ready to crap all over it, mainly because of EA, the microtransaction model, the early access stuff, etc.  It had a ton of bugs during the public demo last month and still had quite a few last week when it "launched not launched", but most were addressed in a patch yesterday.  It's also not a typical Bioware game (other than the MP portions of ME3/DA:I/ME:A), and several reviewers I've seen are ready to butcher it simply because it's not exactly the same as Bioware's best stuff in the past.  But pretty much everyone said that "the core gameplay is extremely good", which is my biggest focus anyway, so I'll see how I like it after a week or so.

Gaming General / E3 2018
« on: June 09, 2018, 07:09:07 PM »
EA conference kicked it off today, and went about like you'd expect (i.e. pretty bland and boring).  Anthem will have no PVP at launch, missions will be balanced for 4-player but everything in town will be in first-person with no other players around, seamless open world, still not super impressive but the gameplay shown did look good.  New Star Wars game called Jedi Fallen Order mentioned but not shown (no trailer).

Microsoft, Bethesda and Devolver Digital are on Sunday.  Square-Enix, Ubisoft and Sony are on Monday, and Nintendo finishes things up on Tuesday.

Gaming General / Games of the Year 2017
« on: December 13, 2017, 07:48:27 AM »
Figured I'd get the ball rolling with a look at where I rank the games I played this year (which were not many). 

1. Horizon Zero Dawn - A combination of "the best" graphics, good gameplay, and a sci-fi story that made me think, and think, and think.  I almost never buy DLC but bought it for this game.
2. Yakuza 0 - Lots of side stuff to do, gritty and emotional story that sucked me in.  Hit baseballs, play pool, darts, Sega arcade games, buy businesses, run a cabaret club, watch women wrestle, watch PG-13 Japanese idol videos, and when you're done with that, get ready to punch the hell outta some jackass Yakuza and get your gut punched with the feels.
3. Nier: Automata - Weird in a lot of good ways.  3D Bayonetta-style combat, 2D bullet-hell shooter, open-world exploration, messes with your expectations like a lot of Kojima games do.
4. Valkyria Chronicles Remastered (2016) - Never played the original on PS3, war-time semi-turn-based tactical strategy.  Unique art-style that they went away from in the sequels which didn't sell nearly as well.  They just announced a Valkyria Chronicles 4 that will tie more closely with this one to get back on track. Surprisingly, has one of the best romances in any game I've played.
5. Street Fighter V (2016) - Has enough content now that it's a pretty good fighter overall.  The last few new characters (Abigail, Menat, Zeku) really impressed me and a lot of people, and the characters announced for season 3 have some hype behind them.  Arcade Edition comes out next month, which is a free upgrade (though you can buy it will all DLC characters in the package).
6. I Am Setsuna (2016) - A simple RPG based on Chrono Trigger.  Piano-only soundtrack is legit, combat system has unnecessary depth due to some brokenly good abilities (never need to try out other characters when one ability wins every battle by itself).  Not a game to play while sad, almost no happy moments, but I believe Setsuna means "sadness" so it's expected.
7. World of Final Fantasy (2016) - "Interesting" game.  Art style is somewhat unique (certainly for FF), gameplay is pokemon with a few twists, fun to see various FF characters from different games interact, has some of the absolute best and absolute worst writing simultaneously.
8. Tales from the Borderlands (2014) - Pretty good story, good characters, good voice acting.  As I mentioned when I played it, just not a fan of this style of game, would rather it be an animated movie as the gameplay is too simple to add anything for me.  Still highly recommended for most people.
9. Middle Earth: Shadow of Mordor (2014) - They use the Lord of the Rings franchise and do basically nothing with it.  Almost no story whatsoever, annoying open-world collectables, combat is ok but suffers in the way the Witcher games, Assassin Creed games, and others do, in that the animations are so cinematic and auto-aimy that they feel disjointed from your button presses (i.e. not satisfying).  I never dealt with the "cool" mechanic everyone talks about because I never died, and apparently that's required.
10. Divinity: Original Sin Enhanced Edition (2014) - As documented in the general gaming thread, so many design decisions in this turned me off so much I didn't finish it (finished and got most of the achievements in every other game above).  I don't care about the world, I don't care about any of the characters, and the game tries desperately hard to piss you off with instakill-fail surprises or giving you wrong information.  Only 4.9% of people have the trophy for finishing the game on PS4.

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