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Gaming General / Doom on Mobile
« on: July 31, 2019, 06:55:20 PM »

lol, what idiots but needs to be mentioned.  Its a single player only experience.  They say the login is for those who want "slayers club" bonuses and to prove they bought and played the old games. 

Anyway, I got on my iPhone and fired up Doom2 first as that was the first one I could get.  I fired up Ultra Violence as I've played it a lot and know it .. but I didn't know these controls.  I died half way in the first level!  Level knowledge only gets you so far when you are working on aiming/moving/shooting. 

With a bit more practice I've gone through Doom1 Episode 1 Ultra Violence 100% now.  I've started on Episode 2 and doing ok so far.  I think Episode 4 will be too much as will some Doom2 maps.  I see Master Levels are there .. my least prefered but I might try them last.  A bit sad no Final Doom (that I've seen yet).  Map 32 of Plutonia on a phone would have been epic ..

Haven't seen Doom3 in the store yet for some reason. 

Also Doom2 came up from "Bethesda" but Doom from "id"  ..odd.  Epic credit screen for the new bits.  Well worth spending a few $ for something I am playing and enjoying.

Finally cheats are in a menu if you want to turn on and have a blat which is a nice tough.

Gaming General / Microsoft and games
« on: June 24, 2019, 06:54:38 PM »
I've been thinking a bit recently about the massive change they have done recently. 10 years ago it was a very different situation.  We had the garbage fire that was Games for Windows Live which thankfully died a death, and at least some of the titles removed it and moved to other supporting tech .. but sadly not GTA IV.  We had great games (Halo2) not available unless you had an operating system no gamer wanted to touch (Vista).  At least it worked on Windows 7 and up.    We then had other Halo titles just NEVER coming to PC, even though the first two we had to wait a year or two then got them.   We also had 6 years ago or so the way things were headed Valve was not happy and looked to their Steam Machines/Steam OS which didn't happen, but may have helped steer Microsoft to a different path.  I'm guessing their next XBox console launch will learn from the many failures at the start of the last one too ..

Now we have the Master Chief Collection for Halo coming to Steam.  We have all of the Age of Empires remastered games coming to steam.  Previously I had partly thought of getting AOE1 remastered from the Windows Store .. but its the freaking Windows Store.  There are other games but after those 2 franchises I'm not sure I have room for much other excitement!

They have even releasing a few things on their store which were epic exclusives (not sure how that works out but its for the best).    They are working with so many others they would have just seen as competitors.  Now they are doing things to make it better for us, the gamers. 

Seeing the confusingly named subscription model that is basically Netflix but for games is pretty cool too. 

Its awesome to see them drop the arrogance, to listen to what customers want, to offer choice and I'm sure they are building up a lot of goodwill around the place.  Anyone else view them differently to the past?

Gaming General / Doom Sigil (Episode 5)
« on: May 30, 2019, 10:22:02 PM »
Its available to download!

To anyone who enjoyed The Ultimate Doom and feels like playing 9 levels from John Romero, this is pretty cool news.  Its free too which is nice

Movies & TV / Game of Thrones with spoilers
« on: May 19, 2019, 07:43:03 PM »
Will be interesting to see where it wraps up.  I'm going in with 0 expectations, hope I'm not disappointed.  I'd laugh if The Mountain isn't dead and finishes off Dany ..

Share your thoughts on where how you found it

Other Tech Toys / Valve Index
« on: April 30, 2019, 05:29:35 PM »
This looks cool .. but expensive .. also not available in my country :(

The Argument Chamber / "Free" healthcare around the world
« on: April 23, 2019, 07:08:02 PM »
I saw a post Pixie made on Facebook about this, I didn't want to respond to that and dilute that message that "insurance is good, free is bad" but there are different types of free out there.

If I want to go to a doctor, it used to be free for 6 and under, now 13 and under its free.  Great so if a young one is sick, there is no barrier to getting them seen.  Politics took it from 6 to 13 .. and not higher.  Some groups have free/cheaper visits, but for me it can be $50 to go see a doctor.  It sucks when you go along and they just say, well its not more serious, just viral.

Dental care is free up to 18, after that it really varies.  If you teeth are fucked, then you are looking at a major bill, could be easy to go into the thousands of $.  For us, when public health got rolled out, the dentists at the time said, cool but don't put us in.    Fuck that decision I say.  Most people who don't have dental issues don't understand as they have never had the financial or physical pain, let alone the shit that it does to your emotions when you worry about smiling.    Politicians sometimes talk about change but no progress in decades.

Public hospitals, A&E is free. If you need to get referred, a doctor will need to contact the hospital depending how bad it is, it might be declined or seen depeding on various criteria.
We do have a private health system in parallel, so people can use insurance/pay to bypass the delays or getting declined if you think there is something wrong.

As someone who has had a few health problems, I'm glad I live where I live, but I do have some other problems where I wish we were even more progressive.

Movies & TV / Avengers Endgame
« on: April 14, 2019, 11:11:06 PM »
How do we not have a thread for the movie I'm most looking forward to this year?   I only saw Infinity War and then of course Captain Marvel recently, so I'm quite excited to see where it all ends up.   Infinity war was great how it had so many characters and things going on without slowing down

Gaming General / Warcraft 1 and 2 on gog
« on: March 30, 2019, 04:47:03 PM »
Well that didnít take long!  Back in the 90s I tried to play war1 but it was too old even then. I might try to play it again later.

War 2 was something I loved a lot and even replayed some a few years ago and started on the expansion. Finishing the expansion legit is something I want and Iíll probably rebut it on GoG.

This means with rereleased stuff on gog and remastered by blizzard, d2 is the only one not getting attention now. I guess they are building up to let us down at blizzcon. Diablo coming to smart refrigerators

The Argument Chamber / Epic vs Steam
« on: March 28, 2019, 06:14:04 PM »
Something I was thinking about with these exclusives, lets say 12 months later or whenever they are not exclusives.

Instead of the 88/12 revenue split, it goes to others that might do a 70/30 split.  Since the game isn't new, I doubt they can realisticly sell at the full price.  I'm sure some would buy, most would want a discount for something a year old, even if its only now available.  I'm also thinking about the Master chief collection, PC players have waited a decade for Halo 3 ...

So 88% is more than 70% of course.

But lets say only 40% of normal customers choose this vs their preferred buying location.
That remaining 60%, how many will buy on day 1? Will it be the full price? maybe 75% off? hard to say. 

So turn down 70% split to maybe get 75% of 70 later.  Sure Epic will give them a cash injection to say thanks for stopping by.

I was also thinking, its one thing to have multiple places to buy things.  In some ways that is fine, there used to be many sites that got you a steam key.  Use only Steam, or use 100 different ones, that doesn't matter.

What matters is every publisher, and company who wants you to install their software, AND have it running, Steam, Origin, Blizzard, Uplay, Epic, Gog Launcher etc.  and all the non game things like the adobe launcher. 

The Argument Chamber / Trudeau
« on: March 13, 2019, 08:33:03 PM »
So the polls don't sound too good based on the recent scandal.  Anyone following this?

Other Tech Toys / Thinking of new gaming PC 2019 edition
« on: December 22, 2018, 04:53:23 AM »
I'm thinking its quite likely I'll need to get a new PC for gaming next year, but I'm very out of date with everything.   I need some help working out what is out now, what is a decent level, what is OP (and out of budget). 

Also, if there is any new tech just around the corner.  I still remember getting my computer in 2006, just before Core 2 Duos came out and I felt gutted about that.

I'll probably be looking at these things new
Video card
Power supply

other things:
I have a lot of storage in SATA drives I'm not using, so that is ok.
I have a new 256GB SSD I got from a site where I got some store credit.  Not the fastest tech but it will need a home.
optical drives seem almost redundant, but if my last 2 are dead, I have a lot of spare things to go around.

I'd prefer something that can run current stuff at high settings, and will last for a while as the years move on.  My last computer from 2010 can still play games, but at the lowest settings.

If you could help by offering things like "for a minimum, don't go below this type of CPU" or "these CPUs are for those who have more money than sense"

If there is something that is really game changing, let me know.  Last time it was splashing out on an SSD and I don't regret that for a minute.

Gaming General / Diablo2 Holy Grail take 3!
« on: December 19, 2018, 06:30:13 PM »
Rescuing the data from the backup. I see Max is actively finding a lot of grailers, so please update your status when you have your numbers worked out!  Mn4nu, I see you had an entry from 2008 with 29 left.  Only 3 more to catch Tentpeg from early 2004 ;)  Seriously though I do hope you guys can update this post!

Code: [Select]
Rank Name          SF/Trade       Sets            Pre110's        110's    TotalLeft   Date update
1   Buster          Trade           0               N/A              0         0         29/04/2004
1   mn4nu           Trade           0               N/A              0         0         18/06/2005
1   Ray Patean      Trade           0                0               0         0         02/08/2005
1   DarkChaos       SF-HC           0               N/A              0         0         17/07/2006
5   Grogs            SF             0               N/A              1         1         03/11/2006
5   Corrupted        SF             0               N/A              1         1         24/09/2007
7   TekkaZeroX      Trade           0               N/A              2         2         23/06/2004
7   Nyarlathotep    Trade           0               N/A              2         2         22/08/2005
7   DX              Trade           0               N/A              2         2         06/04/2009
10  Bhaalistik      Trade           0                0               3         3         16/06/2005
11  Fusion           SF             0               N/A              5         5         10/06/2004
11  factory          SF             0               N/A              5         5         03/01/2007
13  Waimea           SF             1                0               5         6         08/07/2004
14  SincereX13       SF             1               N/A              6         7         28/02/2005
14  TheNix          Trade           0               N/A              7         7         06/01/2015
16  Milamber        Trade           1                1               6         8         01/09/2004
17  Buster           SF             0               N/A              9         9         25/11/2004
18  Inquisitor       SF             0                0              10        10         15/08/2008
19  Nyarlathotep     SF             1               N/A             11        12         13/04/2007
19  Timinator        SF             0                1              11        12         14/05/2014
21  TekkaZeroX       SF             0               N/A             13        13         23/06/2004
22  NeWMaN          Trade           2               N/A             12        14         07/08/2004
23  Shorty_h3       Trade           0                1              16        17         20/08/2004
23  RTB              SF             1                4              12        17         24/12/2006
25  AlTheKiller   SF-HC-UnID        4               N/A             14        18         14/12/2004
26  Sigilstun     SPL-SF            2               N/A             17        19         08/09/2004
27  Mattis           SF             1                3              19        23         18/06/2004
27  Blito           Trade           0               N/A             23        23         02/08/2005
29  Gohanman         SF             5               N/A             19        24         27/06/2005
29  Tennant          SF             4               N/A             20        24         24/07/2005
31  tentpeg       SPL-Trade         4               N/A             22        26         08/03/2004
32  mn4nu            SF             6               N/A             23        29         19/01/2008
33  CWOT(1/11)       SF             1               N/A             29        30         12/01/2006
34  Hurtlocker       SF            9                N/A             27        36         12/08/2005
35  NIKON           hax!            7               N/A             30        37         14/08/2006
36  Andypoo          SF             5                4              29        38         18/04/2004
36  Huorn           Trade           2               N/A             36        38         30/08/2004
38  Lira Lindriel   Trade           7                7              25        39         17/07/2004
39  Thrugg          Trade           0                0              41        41         07/08/2005
40  tentpeg       SPL-SF            7               N/A             39        46         08/03/2004
40  Lucky_Seven     SPL-SF          5               N/A             41        46         10/08/2005
40  jrlafrance       SF             7               N/A             39        46         19/08/2006
43  Gong          SF unIDed         ?               N/A              ?        54         15/08/2004
43  Guai          SPL-SF            8               N/A             46        54         06/08/2006
45  Joutaja          SF             3               N/A             52        55         02/07/2004
46  Geep            Trade          12               N/A             44        56         23/11/2004
47  Community      non SPL          7               N/A             53        61         26/05/2004
48  plank            SF             8               N/A             54        62         23/05/2004
49  Thrugg        SPL-SF            4                17             45        66         07/08/2005
50  Mr_McGee        Trade          12               N/A             59        71         24/05/2004
51  Timmy         SPL-Trade        17               N/A             55        72         18/11/2004
52  Kull          SPL-SF           15               N/A             64        79         03/12/2004
53  Icebird       SPL-SF           17               N/A             72        89         06/11/2004
54  moi           SPL-SF           19               N/A             71        90         14/05/2004
55  Dave            Trade          12                ?              92       104         08/05/2004
56  Sumendar        Trade          14               N/A             95       109         12/04/2009
57  TrenShadow        SF           24               N/A            102       126         19/06/2007
58  Louie          Trade           17               N/A            128       145         10/06/2005
59  Urlik_Skarsol  SPL-SF          27               N/A            140       167         13/08/2005
60  Serdash          SF            N/A              N/A            N/A       169         31/05/2005
61  Community        SPL           27               N/A            144       171         26/05/2004
62  Mage11        SPL-SF-HC        37               N/A            152       189         06/05/2006
63  Minor_Deity   RWM-SF-HC        43               N/A            197       240         13/08/2006
64  Greyhound     SPL-SF           42               N/A            210       252         15/09/2004
65  Ray Patean       SF            71               N/A            300       371         02/04/2006
66  Timinator      SF-HC           83               229             98       410         22/05/2005
67  Mythological  SPL-SF          119               N/A            372       491         13/04/2004

Just curious how many of you had this in the past, or are still into it now?

I had a decent collection in my childhood which I still have at my dad's house. I haven't shown it to my kids yet as I dont' want it trashed. 

For fathers day I was given a new bucket of bricks for myself and the girls. I put together a few bits and gauged how constructive or destructive they were.  They had a lot of fun and generally were better than I expected.

I managed to get a set for free recently and built it with my 5 year old who surprised me with her level of concentration.  I helped her to find bits and we did it together. Once it was built they have been quite good.  Of course some looser bits come off, but they tell me and we put it back on.  It doesn't get thrown around. 

It DID end up in the rubbish bin at one point, but that was a misunderstanding with my 3 year old.  I was trying to tell her to get some half eaten food and put that in the bin.  The food was still on the table.  I managed to rescue the lego and it wasn't dirty  :o

I've now bought a rather large model for Christmas time and feel the Lego bug has bitten me again big time.  I'm thinking about getting my old stuff moved here when I can too.

I was also thinking about why I stopped in the first place.  I remember being told as a kid, that kids hit a certain point and "stopped playing with toys".  Also there was different times, when everything was fun and everyone wanted it.  Then later the peer pressure if you admitted you had LEGO you were basically a lepper. 

I compared that to my time gaming where I've never stopped and thought "I'm too old to play games on my computer now".  I remember a surfer type guy in my university hostel making a comment "you play games? thats just not cool man" but at that point I wrote him off as someone i'd be generally friendly to, but try not to interact with again.

I guess as an adult I will be using it differently than before, but since I have kids I'll be "playing" with it when its built.

Gaming General / Mobile games you play and enjoy
« on: November 11, 2018, 05:47:02 PM »

Based on all this immortal nonsense, I want to know what games you play, and how they are different, or the same as what you play on a real computer/console.

For me I have paid money (from a voucher) for the Rockstar pack.  This is GTA3, VC, SA, China Town Wars, LCS, Max Payne, Bully.  This represents a bunch of games I've played to death on PC, and some I had never had access to before.  However its difficult to find time to do it properly and the controls and screen aren't ideal.

I also bought The Talos Principle on ios.  Loved that game, haven't done much in iOS yet.
Also bought Bridge Constructor Portal which I don't have on PC yet.  I haven't got into this much.

Then there is the stuff I got as free apps, but am addicted to:

Hill Climb Racing 2: Physics based driving game, upgrade cars, race against ghost cars of other people.  I've played this mostly every day for over a year.  I enjoy the skill and buy/upgrade it all.    Have not spent a cent in it.

Mini Golf King: a PVP game, you put in virtual cash to play a game, winner takes all. If you aren't careful you have no cash and can't play more.  Upgrade your kit with time, has good social elements.  Skill and luck are required to play.

More recently got into another golf one "Golf Battle", its different and "Merge Plane" an idle game.

I've tried lots of things, but most get trashed.

General Discussion / My first trip to Europe!
« on: October 29, 2018, 05:34:53 PM »
I haven't been to Europe yet, but I'm going to be able to change that with a work trip .. next February in the middle of winter!  I need to be in Brussels for the week 18-22.    I've heard its a pretty big week so after this it will be heading straight home.  I'm looking to see what I can possibly do before this.

I do have some constraints of not too much time/money, but I don't want to just head over and back without a little detour which is actually encouraged.

At this point I haven't booked any flights/trains etc so that's all possibilities! I'm gutted I can't do this properly, but I need to make the most of it ..

So, what would you recommend I do on the way to Brussels?  I've heard some people fly to London, then get the Eurostar over.  I've always wanted to go to the UK.    I'm going to have close to 24 hours flying just to get that far ..

GIVE ME YOUR SUGGESTIONS! :D If you are local and want to catch up, let me know. I've met a few forumites here (Icebird, Plank), Aussie (Paradox, Shivan, Grogs) and the US (Frolf and DariusTriplet).

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