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Gaming General / Re: So I fired up D2 again
« on: December 14, 2018, 05:38:10 PM »
Haven't made a ton of progress, mostly been playing around with NWN:EE.  Got 3 more grailers, all Gs, Gargoyle's Bite, The Gladiator's Bane, and Ghoulhide.  My Blizzard sorc is in Hell, although she's mostly all about damage (4300 Blizzard damage, 2500 Ice Blast, 1000 Fireball), so her MF isn't great and she's only at the Crypt/Mausoleum right now, may work on getting to the Ancient Tunnels sometime since there aren't any Cold immunes there either.

Gaming General / Re: The Outer Worlds
« on: December 07, 2018, 08:38:30 PM »
I've liked most of their games, though you could easily argue they're on a downward trend, especially if they drove someone like Chris Avellone away and consented to be bought by Microsoft.

KOTOR2, even in its buggy state, presents the most complex, philosophical arguments in all of Star Wars history (and it somehow predicted what Disney would do with the franchise).  I had not played it until 2015 and it holds up extremely well just for the concepts it has. 

Alpha Protocol has choices that actually matter, and that was enough to make me beat it 4+ times to see the different permutations.  I will also not accept any arguments against the fact that it has the single best dialogue system in any game ever, on top of the fact that you get rewarded for making people EITHER like you OR hate you (with different rewards and story changes). 

Fallout: New Vegas felt awkwardly linear at the start in regards to the intended path, but all of the "roadblocks" can actually be bypassed, and it ended up being by far the most fun FO to break.  Made a 1 INT 1 CHA character who became beloved by every faction simultaneously, which actually felt rewarding since the factions were all pretty interesting (besides maybe the Khans or NCR).  Melee was also super fun (and probably overpowered) compared to 3 or 4. I didn't play the DLCs, but apparently several of them are great. 

Pillars of Eternity I would agree was not as good as the reviews suggested.  Some interesting characters, but there is almost no main plot and you have basically zero motivation to do anything.

I'll certainly keep tabs on Outer Worlds.  It sounds like they're trying to keep their focus on player choice actually having effects, which is a good sign.

Gaming General / Re: General gaming chatter
« on: December 04, 2018, 05:48:51 PM »
LOL, I just posted about like 4 posts back.  So far I've just completed the main campaign and about to finish SoU, haven't tried the premium modules though.

The good:  It hasn't crashed once in 40+ hours.
Load times are mostly good.

The bad: Certain areas that had major performance issues in the original still have them here even with great hardware (desert area and wall puzzle in Shadows of Undrentide especially).  Dropped to <10 fps when several creatures appeared at once, went back up after a few died.
The graphics aren't any better, but it still tries to make my GPU work semi-hard.
Pathfinding is still extremely bad.  Basically no improvements have been made except to get it to run on newer computers.

Gaming General / Re: General gaming chatter
« on: December 01, 2018, 11:47:46 AM »
Bought Neverwinter Nights: Enhanced Edition on the Steam sale after seeing a bunch of updates to it (pretty buggy launch from what I saw).  I've been using parts of the campaign as inspiration for quests in my D&D campaign, so my trip down memory lane has a bit more function to it.  It's still got several graphical glitches, but it hasn't crashed after 20+ hours and loads pretty quickly, so I'm having fun strolling through the main campaign again, though it does get tedious at times in Ch. 1 and 2.

Gaming General / Re: So I fired up D2 again
« on: November 28, 2018, 08:02:27 PM »
Yeah, you can get +skills from a lot of sources, though there are a ton of characters that use the mana boost so they don't need any points in energy.  After finding a Death's Fathom and a Stormshield (not really necessary but I've never used one before) I made a Blizzard Sorc to use them, but putting those points into Strength meant she has fewer for Vitality or Energy, so that SoJ is helping a lot. 

Starting to find some of those annoying TC3 uniques with my Holy Fire Paladin.  Not planning on taking him very far in the game, but I got to him to lvl 23 or so to use Kinemil's Awe for that +6 to Holy Fire, toast everything in Act 1 and farm Coldcrow, Bone Ash and Andariel with Sigon's set, Tarnhelm and Nagelrings for MF.  Found Biggin's Bonnet and Greyform.  Down to 63 items for the grail. 

Gaming General / Re: So I fired up D2 again
« on: November 26, 2018, 12:42:13 AM »
Jewelry time!  Just found my first Mara's Kaleidoscope from Meph (+23 resists), then found my 2nd Stone of Jordan from one of Eldritch's minions.  My 1st SoJ was waaaaaaaaaaaaaay back in vanilla D2 in 2000, and I never found another during all those years in 1.09-1.10.  Only took 18 years to find another.

Gaming General / Re: PS4 Games
« on: November 25, 2018, 11:11:11 AM »
With PS+ you have to claim it during the month that it's offered free, but then you have it as long as you are a subscriber.  They change them on the first Tuesday of every month, so make sure you go to the Store and "purchase" them (it won't download them unless you tell it to).  Same goes for the PS3 and Vita, although the PS3 will try to download the games immediately so you have to stop it if you don't want them right away.

Gaming General / Re: So I fired up D2 again
« on: November 22, 2018, 10:30:48 PM »
Well, it was a grail-er, so that's always good.  The fact that I already have 5 Reaper's Tolls (2 Ethereal) softens the blow, since that Decrepify is so dang good.  I've noticed that I've been having major trouble finding a lot of the not-so-GG 1.09 uniques.  I found a Crown of Ages, Giant Skull, 2 Kira's Guardians and 2 Andariel's Visages before finding my first Harlequin Crest (which dropped at the same time as a Griffon's).  I've found 25 or so Rare Wire Fleeces without seeing Gladiator's Bane, 25 or so Rare Balrog Skins without an Arkaine's Valor, 6-7 Rare and 40+ magic Swirling Crystals without an Oculus, etc.  I had never found the Hellslayer but then I found 4 within the same HOUR (and then none afterwards).  I think there's something weird going on with the RNG in my version of the game, since I've seen at least 20 occurrences of the exact same unique dropping in consecutive runs (never a really good one though). 

Just had a really nice Eschuta's Temper drop, after the first 3 I found were all garbage.  +3 skills (1-3), +20% Fire damage (10-20), +17% Lightning Damage (10-20), +24 Energy (20-30).  The 40% FCR meets a breakpoint I need with my Lightning Sorc, but sadly that means dropping below 3 items of the Tal's set because I'll never find the damn Ammy, losing 65% MF.  Arguably still worth it for the extra skills and damage over the Tal's Orb.

Gaming General / Re: PS4 Games
« on: November 20, 2018, 01:11:28 AM »
I've never played any PS4 games using local co-op, so I can't help a lot there.  Tales of Berseria was decent and every Tales game can be 4-player co-op in the combat (everyone is on the same screen doing real-time combat), but it's single-player in the exploration and story.

Gaming General / Re: PS4 Games
« on: November 19, 2018, 11:36:58 AM »
Haven't played Detroit Become Human, but there are many outlets that got really into and are considering it for GOTY this year.  Haven't played anything with couch co-op besides Divinity: Original Sin 1, which was garbage (2 is supposedly much better), though I've heard a lot about Overcooked and Don't Starve Together being good.

HZD: Complete Edition includes The Frozen Wilds DLC, which I would say was definitely worth it, plus that edition is pretty cheap now anyways.  Was my GOTY in 2017.
Bloodborne is still the best exclusive according to many, many people.  It won't hold your hand though.  Online Co-op/PvP. 
Persona 5 needs to be experienced just for the art style, although it is very long even for a JRPG (I finished my 1st playthrough at ~110 hours).  Single Player. (Also on PS3)
Nier: Automata is a very weird combo of Bayonetta/Devil May Cry combat combined with a bullet hell shooter with top-tier music and unique ideas. Single Player. (Also on PC)
Yakuza 0 has a lot of everything, great brawling combat, great music, great story, a ton of side content, and a lot of weirdness too.  Probably the best in the series, and is a great tryout for getting into the other games in the series.  Single Player.  (Also on PC, Yakuza Kiwami which is a remake of Yakuza 1 is currently free on Playstation Plus this month)
Monster Hunter: World is Capcom's best selling game ever, and they've continued to update it with free stuff all year.  Online Co-op. (Also on Xbox One and PC)
Valkyria Chronicles: Remastered has a unique art style for a strategy/fps wartime game and a surprisingly good story.  Single Player.  (Also on PC and Switch)

I haven't played these but the reviews suggest they're universally loved:
God of War
Marvel's Spider-Man
The Last of Us: Remastered

You can also look at my trophy list for other stuff I've played.

Gaming General / Re: So I fired up D2 again
« on: November 15, 2018, 10:58:20 PM »
Heh, after 30-40 LK runs, I finally found the Ist I needed to make a Call to Arms... then I realized after looking through my mules that I didn't have any low-req 5-socket weapons to put it in (just 2 Phase Blades that need 136 Dex), so I went back to farming.  I was looking for Crystal Swords or Flails, but the first thing that dropped was a Military Pick :-/.  And then, of course, it rolled poorly, 3/1/4 on skills (the 1 being Battle Orders), making it pretty weak to use, but at least I have one now.

Did find a Stormspire hoarking a witch in the WSK though, which would be a huge accomplishment if this were still 1.09. 

Gaming General / Re: So I fired up D2 again
« on: November 14, 2018, 03:32:40 PM »
Yeah, at least 7-8 of those Baals didn't drop a single magic-able item, just stacks of gold, arrows and bolts.  Really awful runs, but I guess that's RNG for you after finding the Griffon's + Ethereal Harlequin's a few weeks ago.

I really should farm for runes at this point.  Run the Countess, maybe run the Council too with my Barb for maximum hoarking.  Making that 1st Enigma seems to vault all the streamers and youtubers from "I'm a n00b with no good items" to "I'm a god who leaves Tomb Reavers and Death's Fathoms on the ground unless they're perfect".  I'd also take an Ist for a Call to Arms and a Vex for a Heart of the Oak.  I have 4 Mals, 3 Ohms and 3 Los, so I could cube 2 Mals for an Ist I guess.

Gaming General / Re: So I fired up D2 again
« on: November 13, 2018, 01:01:56 PM »
Grail-finding has certainly slowed down quite a bit now that I'm under 80 items to find.  Found a Head Hunter's Glory, 3x Arioc's Needle (all with +2 skills :( ), and a few stray exceptionals I was missing, but otherwise the drops haven't been good at all.  Did 30 Baal runs in a row on Players 3 where he dropped no unique or set items with ~400%MF.   I'm also randomly up to 42 rare Templar Coats without finding a Guardian Angel for whatever reason. 

Gaming General / Re: So I fired up D2 again
« on: November 06, 2018, 12:02:02 PM »
Can't use ladder-only runewords in SP without mods, which I won't use.

Gaming General / Re: So I fired up D2 again
« on: November 05, 2018, 07:36:21 PM »
Nothing too crazy with drops over the weekend, though I did complete several sets.  Was missing the M'avina's bow, the Trang-Oul's wing, the Sazabi sword, and Aldur's armor and all dropped over the course of 2 days, so I'm only missing 10 set items total now (3 Cow King set, Tancred's Boots, Bul-Kathos Sacred Charge, Natalya's Mark, Griswold's Valor and Honor, Sander's Paragon, and Tal's Ammy).  Down to missing 80 uniques as well.

Respec-ed my Elemental Druid to a Wind Druid, who is at the end of Normal.  It's fun watching the lvl 28 Hurricane demolish Players 5+ monsters before they can get to me without even needing to use the wind skills, but that'll change obviously in parts of NM, though I may run Normal Cows with him for a few days since he just has to run to kill things to see if he can find at least 1 part of the Cow set.

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