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2021 D2 Goals

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So, many of you might be coming back for the first time in years.  I hope you are excited for later next week if you are starting fresh, or bringing some stuff over. 

As for me, I have my "Operation Complete Normal".  Normal is both the most fun, and the most boring parts of the game.
Runewords.  After finally getting another Sur to make Beast, I'd love to complete the following this year.  Death (just need vex), Fortitude (need Lo). and stretch goals Beta CTA (need Ohm). Infinity needs two x Ber.    None of those are NEEDED by any characters, but the last 3 would buff anyone using them.

A grailer .. Its now been the longest time between grail finds.  Previously that was 1673 days from my Horizons in 2008 and Deaths Fathom in 2012.   Its currently 1996 days and counting.   Seeing Andy coming back and getting of bunch of grailers is inspiring.  Keep it up buddy!  I've had some TC87 luck myself .. just nothing new.

Another long term wish I have a new strategy for, racking a 1.07 Cranium Basher.  I was previously looking at Nilly's temple, but its loaded with monsters, the racks aren't stable and don't think it will work.  I'm looking at the Halls of Pain which I THINK only has one set of racks, but easy to find .. and not normally full of monsters.  If I do manage to get this, then I'd finally have one of everything gold and green pre 1.10.    Only downside to that is it would stop in 1.14 if i ever get a gold thundermaul that buzz of "I have a grailer .. but not sure which one!"

But the MAIN goal of all is to make it fun, and take breaks for other games at times too. 

I want to get a Zon to Mat in SP.  I also would like to get a Windy to Pat online.  If I am still having fun I want to get a Blizzard Sorc for MF.

From a grail stand point I would love to start fresh and see if I can get to 50%.  No clue how long it will take me to do that.  Probably much longer than one year.

Finally I would love to have a rune higher than Um drop for me.  It is possible I found 1 Ist in my day but I don't have a clear memory of that.  I do remember a Um dropping.  Not exactly a lofty goal but there you go.

First and foremost I aim to have fun and balance my desire to game with RL responsibilities.

I always loved the MF side of the game and building an optimised end-game magic finder is one of the things I've invested the most time in, followed by levelling characters that have been geared up but said magic finder.

Obviously drops are RNG so I have no expectations about getting anything, but will appreciate what I can find.

dave in the basement:
If the stars align, and if some of you fine people will have Battlenet characters, my goal is to do some MPing with you.

Are we all starting on ladder and stuff?

Ladder won't be available at launch, they will launch, make sure its stable, ladder pops up a bit after that.  Keep in mind previous "ladder only" content is everywhere now.  So ladder is more about an e-peen leaderboard or future fresh restarts.


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