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September 23 for most of you.  September 24 (Friday for Aus and NZ).   I know quite a few of you have preordered, and it might be fun to see who will be online at the same time. 

I'm sure some of  you will be in the same game on battlenet.  If you haven't seen, sharing your screen is easy in discord (and only for those in discord to have the option to see). 

Dust, Supermatt and I had a discord voice chat the other night too.  I'm hoping we can do a similar thing depending on timezones.  Sadly as you know I won't be in D2R .. but I'll be doing something in D2 and feeding off your excitement!

It will be fun that a lot of us will be playing the same game, regardless if it is D2:LoD or D2R.

I will certainly be playing on the 23rd.  I will be playing around 8pm PST.  I will work on getting it preinstalled during the day.  I might get a bit of playing time in during the day.

I bought my laptop last year, so I'm pretty sure it will play the game. I'm not buying until that day, and depending on what's going on around the household, I may not get it that day. If nothing going on and my laptop can play it, then I will most likely be in the game around 9 pm EST that night. I'll log into discord to make sure I'm linked up with whoever is out there.

They haven't yet mentioned what time its opening, so thats a big unknown.      I could potentially get it on Nintendo Switch, but I can't see myself wanting to do that as more than a casual thing .. and its probably too expensive for a casual thing.

dave in the basement:
I haven't joined an online D2 game in a long ass time. Any tips for connecting with you fine people in-game?


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