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Hi all,

Just kicking off a resource thread for D2R as a permanent home for some useful links and resources:

D2R 3rd-party FAQs

D2/D2R Runeword Calculator:

Mercenaries and IAS. The best reference list i've found.

A very useful deep dive into magic finding in Ancient Tunnels

A very, very deep dive into Diablo 2's drop mechanics For when you absolutely have to understand how drops (mostly) work.

Faster Cast and Faster Hit Recovery breakpoints for ALL classes

A D2 cheat sheet, with a whole lot of info in one place

I'm planning to play an Amazon first up and found this guide:

Though remembering that Sorcs and Barbs are better MFers that might not be the best choice...

Play what is fun. Get a zon going. You might have a sorc and barb too for other times. Don’t neglect the other 4 too!

I will be starting with a Zon as well and I probably should have posted that link, as I had also found it.  Javazon is probably the best cow herder which is a really good way of getting runes.

If you want to grail at some point you will want a Blizzard Sorc to farm Meph.  But other than what you want.


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