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[Poll]Testing the water on the idea of a GO Discord

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Hi all,

First things first, I am not trying to break up the community with this post or the suggestion of migrating the community to a different platform, I am just suggesting that we consider bringing it to more contemporary platform which can still serve many of our purposes but I think is better for instant communication and letting you know when other people are posting. The reason I suggest it is because my main game at the moment is Hearthstone and I engage with a community via Discord on my phone and I find with GO I forget to check back and don't get notified of posts and replies - the converse being you sit on the forum hitting F5.

Now, while I am not an expert on either Forums or Discord (and probably don't make use of all the features of either) there are key differences that come with their own Pro's and Con's:

- each topic is discussed in its own thread
- ability to have a number of stickied posts in any channel
- less portable than Discord
- doesn't send instant notifications
- (I believe cost and back-end maintenance may be more)

- portable, can be used on phone/tablet, pc app, pc browser
- sends notifications for subscribed channels
- you can choose which channels notify you
- you can post images without having to host on a 3rd-party site
- no individual threads for discussions within a channel
- not as easy to search for legacy posts
- only one sticky per channel, but you can create limited access or non-chat channels for useful links or posts

A GO Discord would look like this:

Let me know your thoughts via the poll or reply.

Love to you all <3

I hope you're staying safe.


PS. If you have anything else to add to the Pros/Cons let me know and I'll edit the post - I'm not trying to hide anything :-)

Edit: to take the screenshot of a 'GO server' I had to create a server. If you are interested in taking a look around to help you with your vote here's the link:
If people aren't interested I can delete it. It only took 5 minutes to set up.

Hi Matt. Back in the old day there was this thing called IRC. I remember spending a lot of time in there in 2004 as well as the forum.  I found the two things were quite complimentary.  There was a lot of chit chat that would have clogged up forum threads but let people communicate. Also discord has easy voice chat and streaming options too.with you. Hearing your progress. Your successes and frustrations

Discord is still improving and has threads. It can have different channels for different things and pins/search mean things might not be in front of you but you can find it.

The GO forum isn’t what it was once, it’s cool seeing some people come back with d2r coming. It’s not quite the resurgence we had for d3.

Generally a forum is great for planning a game.
Discussing after. Discord can be great while gaming. If you wish broadcast so others can view it. Voice chat.

I suggest we try it. It seems I won’t be playing d2r but I will play old d2 and want to play along in parallel

I'm still not sold. I like that the forum has history. We can look back at posts and threads from years ago. We can preserve ideas and information and moments. Discord feels so "chatty" and temporary. It's also ugly and tedious.

/2 cents/

Except when the forum doesn't .. I'm not sure if you've tried to go to the old backup recently?  I did .. it broke.   I messaged our friend who confirmed some shit went down and will require work on the database to try to recover it.
This page isn’t working is currently unable to handle this request.

Edit: Also I'd really love to be able to see the old stuff before GO .. but thats long gone and before the Way Back Machines archives .. some of that was the golden age of Diablo2 and its all lost. 

I do have an account.  Willing to give it a try.


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