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It's time.  Today the minions of hell will tremble because SSSITH will be back playing Diablo 2!

That is right I am downloading the game once more.  The Beta has started.

Did you notice that my name is in burlywood...well did you?

BOO - PLEASE NOTE: Your progression from the Early Access or Open Beta will not carry over to the LIVE release.

Though I am not too surprised.  What this means is I will probably only play a bit.  No point if the character is going to get wipe.  Took a minute during lunch to check it out.  Looks good so far.  Obviously slower moving than new games but still pretty excited about this game.

Was afraid that would happen.... just going to skip until live!

Maybe I will get my Raider to Sirus before D2R go live.

Based on the reviews so far with all the bugs, I'm going to wait until Sept 23rd. I don't have the time to invest in the beta, and I'm fine playing the original version while I wait.


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