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For all things Poe!

Am struggling farming a note in the wind, splitting time between Oasis and desert spring.... is getting tedious, have 1 of 4 after God knows how many hours this weekend... may just push through and complete some more Atlas then come back to it.

Randomly using Silver Coins and Got the Servants Heart prophecy, big bow upgrade and not one I was expecting!  Pretty happy, at least it's taking the pain of grinding the helm away!

I am running t9 maps pretty well right now.  Level 85.  My frakking bow is still only 4Linked which is a pain in the ass. My helm sucks.

What are you guys thinking of the new League (not counting the frakking nerfs)?  Personally I am finding it pretty tedious.  I do not enjoy spending time figuring out the optimal what to put down my charges.  And when they give you bonuses for chests you don't get the good chests and the opposite seems true.  Gwen and Rog have given me nothing. Danning (sp?) seems pretty useless right now.  Mr. T is the easily the best one right now.  I have picked  up a lot of good currency from him.

Playing a Raider has been pretty eye opening in terms of speed.  People have always emphasized the need for speed but it is really obvious now important it is as a survivability tool.  Combine it will phasing and the game plays so much nicer.  As a whole I like the Toxic Rain/Caustic arrow play style.  I might have to switch to ballista because I need a better way to mitigate chaos/element resistances.  So far that is my down fall.

I really want to get to Sirus this league.  I think I am half way there but the tough half remains.  I want to say I have 12 watchstones.

Found a kintsugi which got me out of Tabula, had to drop a link but the survivability upgrade is huge and more than made up for it.  Am now 16 watchstones in and pretty comfortably doing red maps.  Really need asenaths chant prophecy to be able to boss effectively as manually having to cast Hydeoshphere is exceedingly painful and more miss than hit.

I quite like the League mechanic, is great for currency, have not got anything decent from Gwenn gambling or deal, but there is time.  Will see how far I get before Sept and d2.

Practicing my frozen orb skills with an eye of winter occultist - I get to play with hydro orb too, which is also new for me.  Just getting to act 5.

I have mixed feeling about the game mechanic.  Sometimes I like it, and sometimes its too long.  I guess that's ok, I just skip it.  I gambled and Impulsa while trying for a Tinker Skin.   :o 

The trapper works fine, but I don't like the play style.  CA/Toxic Rain works great, but I've made like 4 of them over the last year so I need something different.


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