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Necro Roll Call!

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I shall Necro when it's out.  Since it's almost ready I expect it to be ready for Christmas... of 2018.
It IS Blizzard after all...

Will definitely be getting the pack, but doubt I will play Necro immediately. Was my second least favourite class in D2 (for whatever that's worth), so I don't have massive nostalgia pangs to play it again. If it was a Druid class then I'd be as hard as a diamond in an ice storm.

My plan at this stage is to main Monk next season. Highest I have taken a Monk was to level 40 in pre-RoS, so I am quite keen to give them a whirl.

I expect to be there from Day 1.

Mikrobe, one reason to get it is that you may not be able to MP with others if you don't have it so might need it purely for that reason.

Cluck Kent:
Day 1 for sure. I'll play it although I'm not all that keen for the Necro, but I am looking forward to challenge rifts and the new areas.

The Necromancer pack has a June 27th release date for $14.99 USD.


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