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Ok, time to resurrect this sub forum from the almost dead.  Who will be here? Its all but announced its here soon.

Who will be there on day 1?  Who will be there soon?

I predict a few 4 player necro groups lol.

I'm aiming to do a HC campaign for the hell of it, and SC season from level 1

I will be back to play when the pack comes out.  We will have a
new puppy so my time will certainly be more split than it has been
in the past.  My wife will be back for the Necro pack and new season
I expect as well.

dave in the basement:
I'll definitely be there, but I don't believe I'll be starting out as a necro, unless they really tweak some of the sets and gear. Right now a lot of things feel really disjointed.

Ray Patean:
I'll probably get it on Day 1, as long as the cost isn't stupid. I am tempted to save my Haedrig's Gift for HC this season, but I'm also tempted to play a Wizard, which I've never really done for more than a few hours. We'll see.

I won't be getting the necro straight up, I've still only played 3 of the classes to level 70, so plenty to do before spending more money. If it looks fun and is a decent price then I'll get it after a patch or two and the inevitable balance issues have been fixed. I'll probably play the wizard and/or DH in the next season.


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