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Gotta replace the PC, how will this work?

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No, not replacing the PC itself.  I get that.  Done that too many times, but it's time to do it again.  What I'm most concerned about is how Diablo III will work.

Obviously, it was originally installed from CDs (or DVDs or whatever it was -- I don't remember now).  Presumably, I'll need to find those discs.  I have no idea where they are.

If I find them, I can just reinstall everything, and I'm good to go, right?

If I don't find them, I buy new ones.  Install them using the new CD keys, etc.

Either way, once D3 is installed... I log onto using the same username/password as before, and all my characters are there, right?

One minor PC-related question.  Before I could run D3, I had to get a new graphics card, because my PC is Windows XP from 2007.  That's the PC that's currently dying.  Do newer PCs (presuming decent "consumer-grade" PC) come with the required graphics power to run D3, or do I need another graphics card?  Or can I (maybe) pull the one out of the XP machine and install it in the new one?

My wife is concerned about losing all of our documents, pictures, etc.  Those are backed up.  I'm worried about whether the new machine will play Diablo III.

I think these days you log into, and can just digitally download your copy.  Discs are old school tech

WHat Tim said. You can download from blizzard's site the Battle Net client. Install it, log in. It will recognize which games you're entitled to, and you will have the option to install and download Diablo III directly from the Battle Net application.

I'm so old.  We went and picked up a new PC last night, and there are no drives on it.  I figured at least for "legacy" purposes... but no.  I still occasionally rip CDs and burn DVDs and stuff, so I asked how much it would take to add a burner (mini tower, it's got slots) and it was less than $100, but they were all out.  There's no demand, no real push to get more in.

So I gotta set the thing up still, but I'll take you guys' word for it, since apparently that's how it's done these days.  This should be interesting.

Ray Patean:
You can get an external/USB powered DVD drive for quite cheap. Amazon has them for under $30, and they work great. I got one for my dad last Christmas, and he's been happy with it.


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