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Horizon Forbidden West


We might have the first must play game of the PS5.

It looks gorgeous.  I do wonder if there will be something innovative about the game.

The first one is just an awesome gaming experience.  Game play wise the first one did have the standard open world progression.  It was fun but not that innovative.  I do wonder if the new game will improve on that.

For me the story in HZD was the best part, and it'll be interesting to see how they advance it, considering the demos and videos they shown have blatantly spoiled the twists from the first game for people when the "mystery" was a big draw.  Combat was fun but not outstanding, and it looks like they've upgraded melee options so she's not just an archer.  Game will be pretty, and exploring real world locations in a post-post-apocalypse will probably be interesting enough.  It's definitely on the list for me, for whenever I can actually find a PS5 anywhere, but before that is actually FF7R: Intergrade, and I did hear a lot of good reviews for Returnal.

It'll be a day 1 purchase for me ... the day it comes to PC.

It took forever to get to the PC though.

Which will come first?  PS5 remodel and price drop, or Horizon FW arriving on PC?

It will be fun to play the game in San Fran.  Living in the East Bay my home is probably a ruin somewhere within that map.  It is pretty amusing to see the area as a tropical lush land.


--- Quote from: Sssith on June 04, 2021, 10:29:48 AM ---It took forever to get to the PC though.

--- End quote ---

Not concerned... I have over 3,000 games unplayed in my library. ROFL.

It's infinitely better on PC (I have both PC and PS4 HZD) so it's worth the wait, and given the success of HZD on PC, there's no doubt it'll migrate at some point. :D


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