Author Topic: New Power Supply advice  (Read 157 times)


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New Power Supply advice
« on: April 03, 2021, 04:49:15 AM »
Well I have a second hand PC which is ancient by modern standards, but what do you know, its better than my almost 11 year old desktop!    I went to power it up and saw and heard sparks, then smelt some smoke from the PSU.  it was a 420W thing which had served it well as its first purpose.  I need something to replace it for a while till I finally buy an actual new one for me. 

So whats a decent PSU for a desktop that will be doing games and not much else, might run 2 HDDs and not much else.  For arguments sake, here is a local place I could get stuff and they have an easter sale on now

Just so you know, over here we run 230V.  Ask any questions you need ..