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Looking for some Monitor Recommendations

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I probably have a price cap around 350.

I am debating between 2k and 4k.  My experience with 4k is that you don't really notice the difference between the two. 

Next is the question of getting a G-Sync.  I imagine it is worth it given that I have 3070.  Curved not curved.  27" or 32"?

What do you good folks think?

GSync is amazing. I could never go back now.

A 3070 can't really handle 4k. I mean it can do it, but you're going to be turning down settings in games. One of my best friends has a 3070 and a 4k monitor and... well, he's looking to upgrade his GPU (if upgrades could be had!). Another friend has a 3080 and still struggles at 4k with high game settings. Unless you want to play stuff at 30fps, in which case you might as well skip the GSync part too.

I'd say go 1440p. 27" is the sweet spot for this resolution for dot pitch.

Curved is up to you. I think it looks weird and throws perspective off, but ymmv.

Also, IPS panel > VA > TN.

I have this Asus and it's glorious. 1440p res, 144hz, GSync, IPS panel. I would recommend one like it any day. I say like it because it's not available any more, so whatever equivalent Asus has replaced it with. Though it might be beyond your cap, now that I think about it. I got mine on sale and it was like $370, but MSRP was more like $450 iirc.


Looks like my choices come down to:




Or if I want to risk a curved:

I will have to double check a couple more sites.

I've had LG and Acer monitors and no complaints about either. My 2nd monitor right now is an *ancient* 1600x900 Acer (set vertically, mostly for chat windows while gaming) and it's still going, no dead/stuck pixels or anything.

Of the two, I think LG might be the better brand, though?

I found one more.


Same price as the LG-27GL83A.  Different reviews give the heads up to one or the other.  Right now I am leaning toward one of these.

I am currently using an Acer which I like.  It supports both 4k/2k.  But it is going to become my work monitor, where the 4k gives me more space for my programming. 


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