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D3 Causing PC Shutdown - Solved!

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Ray Patean:
So, for the last few days my computer is shutting down after loading up a game in D3. I can browse the web, I transferred files to a jump drive, and I can load D3 and chat on the main screen...the issue only comes when I try to play a game.

Any idea what could be causing this? I haven't tried anything yet, not even a reinstall of the game, so I'm open to any and all suggestions. Thanks!

video card issues i'm guessing, basic stuff is fine, intense stuff maybe overheating?

Ray Patean:
Would it overheat in just a couple minutes of playing? My computer (motherboard, I assume) makes some beeps as I turn on the system - I heard faint sounds like that a few seconds before the shit down happened yesterday when I tried...

Cluck Kent:
I got nothing Ray. My son suggested I run Speccy (I think) when I had overheating issues with my video card. But I don't think it could overheat in a matter of moments.

Ray Patean:
We'll, it's not the power supply. I swapped a new one in, and it still shut down on me. I checked my graphics card today, and did notice the fan wasn't spinning. I was able to play for about 7 minutes before the shut down, so it may be GPU related...


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