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Yeah, my company gave us the day off too, and is planning on keeping meetings sparse tomorrow for people to recover.  The main town hall here was completely packed but a different voting location down the street had like 10 people total there, so I was in and out as fast as I could fill everything out.  Been running errands all morning and there are a TON of road construction crews working today, which I guess makes sense if a lot of businesses and schools are out.

Dropped off my ballot weeks ago.  Hoping beyond hope that we have seen the end of the businessman experiment.

I never knew that about the MLK holiday fail.  Thanks for infoming us DnT.

From the information we get here in Europe it doesn't look all that promising, I'm sorry to say.

Wisconsin is likely to get called for Biden later this morning. If he also takes Michigan and Nevada, that should be enough. it's way too freaking close.

Holy F*balls.

While Biden leads Trump is just going to get more desparate.


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