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Disco-neck Ted:
Nobody posting anything yet?  Sure, don't post until tomorrow like the weaklings that you are.  I can wait.

As long as the echoing silence isn't *interrupting* or anything, here is something you didn't need to know:  ballot structure is important n' stuff.

See, my home state of Arizona has a reputation for being racist over the Martin Luther King holiday, and probably other things too, to be fair.  But the MLK holiday is a bad rap

When the holiday was put to a vote, someone fucked up the ballot, whether due to naivete or something worse, I don't know, but what they did on the ballot was this:

( ) Vote 'yes' if you want Martin Luther King Day to replace Columbus Day.
( ) Vote 'yes' if you want Martin Luther King Day to replace another holiday.
( ) Vote 'no' if you don't want Martin Luther King Day as a holiday.

In the polling booth, as soon as I looked at the ballot, I knew the initiative was bound to fail because the 'yes' vote had been split.  It's crazy to see something so unfair as this and know that it should have been structured differently as a yes/no question with a SUBSEQUENT question regarding replacing Columbus Day.

The results were like this:  32% in favor of MLK Day replacing Columbus Day, 30% in favor of MLK Day replacing another holiday, and 34% in favor of not having MLK Day as a holiday.

I forget how the holiday was enacted after that, but our dimwit governor thinking he had heard a mandate from the people that we didn't want this holiday, cancelled it.  We impeached his cracker ass shortly thereafter.

So, quick summary:  'racist' Arizona actually favored the MLK holiday 62% to 34%, but... ballot structure.

Im an atheist but tomorrow I’ll be praying for you guys

I took tomorrow off work so I could recover... one way or another...

lol, nice ballot question. almost Florida worthy.

working today, which is probably nice since i'll be too busy to watch the news. really wish i had tomorrow off, though.

biden swept dixville notch.  :o

I think the point is that someone, who is racist, set up the choices like that on purpose.  There is no way that the yes vote was set up that way by accident. 

Divide and conquer has long been a racist's calling card.

Keep on fighting!

My vote is in.  I guess we start to get an idea of what is happening around 4:30 to 5pm EST.  I am actually off from work.  My company does the appropriate thing of giving everyone the day off.  We have six warehouse crews scattered across the country and it is nice that they get a chance to have the day off. 

I need to find a way to keep myself busy.  I wish my gaming computer was functional.  Ah well.


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