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Yeah, we don't have one of these yet.

Post about the candidates. Thoughts, findings, whatever.

Have at thee!

Also, fuck Trump. :P

random thoughts:

liked what i saw of most of the DNC speeches. standouts = both of the Obamas, Warren, and a good speech from Biden last night to cap it off. appeared genuine and empathetic, and was able to speak intelligently for half an hour. nice contrast on all counts with the current president.
was mightily amused that Bannon was arrested by the postal inspection service. he's still scheduled as a speaker at the RNC, of course.

Dejoy did himself no favors in his senate hearing this morning. be nice if something actually came of it.

I listened to Biden’s speech this morning, found it a great contrast to the past years bullshit.


An asteroid might hit the Earth the day before the election. Of course.  Because 2020.


--- Quote from: Pixie on August 21, 2020, 06:49:58 PM ---Also, fuck Trump. :P
--- End quote ---
I love this.


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