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--- Quote from: Timinator on June 25, 2021, 07:10:42 PM ---our vaccine rollout is one of the slowest in the OECD

last weekend a guy flew over from Sydney who later found out to have the Delta variant.  My region is currently going oh shit and waiting to see what happens.

infected guy had taken one dose of the vaccine a while back, but visited a lot of places, some very packed ones.

--- End quote ---

We're doing a bit better on the vaccinations here, with around 80% of those aged 75+ fully vaccinated and the 70-74 and 65-69 age groups at roughly 50% and 25% double dose. Single dose rates are closing in on 60% of the who population.

But I wish we had problems in the scale of "a single person infected with delta came from abroad". That's over 10% of the returning soccer tourists that were tested at the border before the testing capacity ran out and they had to let almost half of them through untested.
And this happens JUST as we were about to sigh in relief as the numbers had gone down enough to remove most of the restrictions. FML


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