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Interesting article about the outbreak in Iran.

It seems that the spread has been going on there for a little over three weeks.

Overall the whole situation seems pretty bad in that the virus as slipped the bonds of containment.  It seems to be highly contagious and that many seem to just become carriers of the virus.

The response here in the US has been poor.  A person one county away from where I live went to the hospital and was there for a while undiagnosed.   Mainly because this person had no ties to China.  Trump, early in his tenure, reduced the funding for the CDC.  Here in the US I believe it is going to get much worse, as this virus is probably widely loose in a variety of major areas, including my home of the Bay Area.  Putting Pence as the head of this task force seems like the most ironic of jokes, given his own disbelief of science and track record in the spread of HIV in his state. 

I recently saw that even little ole Iceland has a case.  If any one here has played Plague Inc. you know what that means.

edit: John Oliver on Coronavirus

It's gonna get bad.

Wash your hands, people. Often. And stop touching your face. Yes, you.

Gonna hurt the economy, too. Stuff is gonna get scarce as supply chains go fucky. Stock up on toilet paper - it's reportedly already hard to find in areas with known cases.

We have our first case from someone who travelled from Iran, then Dubai, Bali, here.  They are in isolation, but I hear there are more people getting tested who have symptoms but not confirmed yet.  Might be getting forced to work from home and other stuff.

We have a better health system (more accessible) but winter is around the corner and regular flu etc makes it busy anyway, so its not going to be good.  Also I have very little faith in those currently in charge of my country and the health minister.


--- Quote from: Timinator on March 02, 2020, 05:50:54 PM --- Also I have very little faith in those currently in charge of my country and the health minister.

--- End quote ---

no worries, we can send you Mike Pence to pray the virus away.

We have some homegrown nutbars:

"Destiny Church leader Brian Tamaki has blamed airborne demons and human cruelty to animals for the coronavirus outbreak.
He also suggested some born-again Christians could have special protection from the deadly disease.
"Satan has control of atmospheres unless you're a born-again, Jesus-loving, bible-believing, Holy Ghost-filled, tithe-paying believer," Bishop Tamaki said on Sunday morning."

So just pay the church and you are immune. His church is him which helps his lifestyle, while is poor congregation suffer.


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