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Anyone got it yet?  Seems to be quite expensive .. and you need a really good computer to be able to power it.

Due to this, I'm a long way off having it myself.  I'm going to try to visit a friend in a few months when he is back from holiday and have a go at it.  I heard you can't really have it explained, you have to experience it.

Maybe there is a theme here.  People (without kids) who can afford a 2 month holiday, can afford VR :P

Also VR is very new relatively at this point, there are a lot of silly little things around.  I'm interested in Serious Sam VR myself.  They ported their old games (all of it) with full motion, not just stuck in a spot with waves coming at you.

I imagine I would do this with a PS4 if I was going to try.  By all accounts you need a bit of room and my computer is in the corner of a bedroom.

Sell your current house, get a VR room and with the spare change proper no console VR :P

I have tried an Oculus Rift once.  Whilst it was cool, I really don't see how this is going to take off.  It feels to me that the only games where this is going to work well is games where you are simulating sitting in a seat.  For example space sims or racing games.

So you don't get this?  That's some good immersion I think :P

As you see, this is very different from just your hands controlling them and your eyes and ears getting input, we see people believing they are there .. to the detriment of themselves and those around them :D

I heard about similar things with those Wii remotes through TVs etc.


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