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RIP Chris Cornell

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Shit, dying at only 52! His voice was a massive part of my teen years and beyond.  Luckily I heard the man sing live 3 times, solo and in Soundgarden.  I'm not sure a musician dying has hit me like this before.  So unexpected :(

Only 52 :(

One of the best voices and best bands of my youth. I saw Soundgarden once at the Big Day Out in 1997.

Such a distinctive voice.  Loved his stuff.

I had the privilege of attending two of his concerts with Soundgarden
in 1989 and 1990. 

The one in 1989 was at an extremely small venue and
had about 30 people there moshing by the stage. 
The most memorable part of the concert came when the
skinhead who was clearly stoned and who had gone to great lengths
to elbow and punch everyone in the crowd launched himself on the stage.
He ran past the bouncers, punched the drummer, and attempted to do
a stage dive on me and my friends.  We moved out of the way and he hit
the floor, bounced, and skidded on his head.  The band saw it and figured
he had gotten the worst of it (amazingly enough).  The band was incendiary
belting out songs from their Loud Love and Ultramega Ok albums.
I particularly enjoyed their cover of The Beatles' Come Together.  It was my
first concert (and other than seeing Nirvana right after Nevermind was released
and before it gained traction with the public) was my second most memorable

I think that his song from the Casino Royale soundtrack, "You Know My Name,"
might be my favorite piece from his works.  He will be missed.

I take it you were in Seattle for those concerts?

Very jealous.


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