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Democratic challengers for next year

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We haven't really heard anything about Biden in the past few weeks.  I know he's done some interviews here and there, but the news really isn't covering him because of the virus.  Meanwhile, we get to see commander idiot every afternoon going on and on with his repetitive BS.  I feel like Trump is getting all the exposure and that could be good or bad.  Good if everyone realizes how much he's messed up the federal response from the start and is now trying to make things up to cover his tracks, or bad if people see it so much they start to believe the BS.  I think Biden really needs to get out there to combat what Trump is doing.

I am really getting sick of Trump ripping on voting by mail.  People really need to attack him on that.  Hell, he votes by mail, so his argument is a joke.


--- Quote ---“I believe that it’s irresponsible for anybody to say, ‘Well, I disagree with Joe Biden—I disagree with Joe Biden!—and therefore I’m not going to be involved.’”
Says notable holdout @briebriejoy “is my former press secretary—not on the payroll.”
--- End quote ---



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