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Democratic challengers for next year

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So you all have your preferences of you like some/none and hope certain ones get in.  Just wondered what peoples views are.  Also the important, whoever does get picked, will you put a tick next to them, or 4 more years of the status quo

As of right now my top choice is Warren.  She was my top choice last time too so maybe I am biased.

At this point I do not want Sanders though I do admire him.  Buttligieg has really impressed.  Biden falls more into a do we have to go there category.

what Sssith said.

not sure there's anyone that identifies as republican around here any more.

Warren. I've been on Team Warren for a long time.
Will take Sanders as a consolation prize.

After that it falls off. Booker and Harris maybe. Buttigieg is way down at the bottom just a step above Gabbard.

That said, I'd vote for a turnip if it had (D) next to it and the (R) was Trump or Pence.

who remembers Ficus for congress?

In some way you have the same type of issue the UK does with a series of winner take all elections vs a % of votes for the whole country really mattering.  Bring on popular vote = president!


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