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phones and water damage

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So this happened to me Monday night.  I was super tired, away from home and had no other method to look on the internet to see "what the hell do you do in this situation"

Appears I didn't do step 1 which is turn it off and dont turn back on.
Its had over a day in rice so far .. had a look and the water damage indicator hasn't lit up.  next another whole day of rice before I attempt anything else.


oh yeah and it fell in the toilet, and yeah not the best time ..

Ray Patean:
That could've been a really....shitty....situation. Most newer phone can withstand a quick bath in water, so you might be ok.

I went swimming once and forgot to take my phone out of my pocket before. On the last day of a vacation. Before I could backup the pictures I took all week.

Hopefully it isn't dead!

Good luck.

Well that sucks. I thought the rice thing was an old wives' tale. Hope it works for ya! :)

Rice helps but is no magic bullet.


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