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So we have to take 2 months out of the already impossibly short Brexit negotiations for a pointless snap election. Despite Labour looking slightly more coherent in the last week or so, there is basically no opposition and Brexit seems to have divided the country to almost Trumpian levels.

I keep up with the headlines, but I find I don't really care. I live in a Tory safe seat, so this FPP system means my vote counts for nothing (I try to tell myself that I'm lending weight to the argument for proportional representation), and in the nearly 10 years I've been here I've never felt more like a foreigner than after the Brexit referendum - I realised that I just don't understand the politics of this country.

That's because this country makes no sense and is full of idiots and worse :(

Honestly, thinking about it is so depressing.

Ray Patean:
Hey, it could be worse. You could have Trump leading your we do...


We've got a robot controlled by a fascist newspaper editor given power by a readership of ignorant fools, and the most powerful faction of a fractured opposition is gathered behind a dithering naif. The checks and balances that give hope that Trump will end and be prevented from his worst excesses don't really exist. No-one in the UK is going to blab intelligence secrets to adversary powers, but they'll divide the country and cut themselves off from their neighbours well before Trump lays the first brick in his wall.


--- Quote from: Kasferatu on May 17, 2017, 01:10:18 PM ---That's because this country makes no sense and is full of idiots and worse :(

--- End quote ---

Damn, reading this I thought you had moved in France!


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