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The teaser trailer is here:

There is a lot of hidden info in this one.

It includes a golden key code c35tb-wsgst-txbrk-jjhgh - It supposedly unlocks more keys and a skin in BL2.

I can't wait for this game.

Lots of leaked info about this. Some neat stuff.

Melee-oriented Siren? Yes please.

Customizing guns? Sounds cool.
Other planets!
Multiple action skills instead of one! Woo!

Tiny Tina is 18 now. I fully expect them to sexualize her now, unfortunately.

Possibly Lilith gone bad? I'm not sure I believe that one.

"Count the sirens"... I count 4. Can we expect to meet the other two? Who knows.

The only thing that gives me heart palpitations is that I'm pretty sure this is gonna be Epic store exclusive, based on Randy Asshole Pitchford's twitter account, and that means I can't play it for a year after it releases.

Because you refuse to get it there?

This might force me to do it.

I refuse to support their anti-consumer approach to PC gaming and their Chinese spyware launcher.

I will wait for steam. Partly as I don’t support epic. Partly with my study not going me time. Partly gaming pc wants to just die


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