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So the polls don't sound too good based on the recent scandal.  Anyone following this?

If his name was Trump instead of Trudeau nobody would care about that scandal.

Cluck Kent:
It's the basic story where the corporation is above the law and holding 9,000 jobs for ransom. Justice minister wanted to prosecute but Trudeau didn't want to lose the jobs and was pushing for a fine instead. What is compounding it is the JM is a woman, some indigenous heritage and Trudeau has made a big deal about inclusion for women and apologizing to the Indians repeatedly for...something he didn't do so now he's starting to look like a fraud.

If he was smart he would prosecute SNC Lavalin. By doing so, he demonstrates that he was not pressuring the JM and sends a corporate message to some degree.  If he doesn't, I think he'll be in tough with an election this year. Fortunately for him, but not for Canadians in general, the other major party elected an idiot for a leader so there is some chance he could still win.

Maybe the best part is the fact that even if SNC Lavalin was charged and found guilty, the sentence is simply not being able to bid on Federal jobs for a period of time. Nobody goes to jail.

I wish the US had that problem.

But I do believe we need to stop letting companies hold us ransom.  The little I have read is that the company should be prosecuted.


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