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What does "50 million gold streak" mean?


--- Quote from: TheMikrobe on May 17, 2017, 07:38:50 AM ---What does "50 million gold streak" mean?

--- End quote ---

If you look in the right-hand corner of your screen in shows how much gold you have picked
up.  There is maybe a 5 second timer before a streak ends.  This number must reach 50
million gold for the Avarice conquest to be satisfied.  A rank 50 Boon of the Hoarder gem
in good density in T10-T13 usually gets it (e.g., Cows, Ruins of Corvus, etc.).

Ok, cheers. I've never really looked at that counter except to see if my pet has picked up a pile.

an alternative which i've done twice is to do a lot of bounties and not open the caches.  Then ditch your pet, open enough caches, walk anywhere and BOOM you got it :D

you also get a flood of gear/mats/shards

dave in the basement:
I really like that pet. Hopefully I'll unlock him in the beta to see if he looks as cool in game.


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