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Disco-neck Ted:
Really nice to see some familiar faces. How you doing?

Me, I'm gray and pushing 60 with a son who's pushing 6. In a pretty good spot, overall, methinks, but the wife might argue.

I hike when possible, play dnd or poker with college buddies, and get tipsy on 1.5 glasses of wine or a couple (dark) beers. Haven't had knees since 1983, but somehow managed an uphill half marathon earlier this decade.

There's probably more that could be said, but we'll have time for that. Your turn.

Cluck Kent:
Great to see you!

I'm pushing 60 with a son who just turned 10! I have knees but haven't seen them in a decade or two due to the ever increasing vastness of my circumference.

I try not to stand in one spot for too long because at this age I find I get stuck like food left too long on a counter.

Still playing a bit of D3 and trying to start a new business with my wife recruiting auditors!

Glad to see you back!

Nice to hear from you DnT!  I'm getting gray and pushing 50 (still a few years to go :) ), married, with 3 kids ranging from 12-18.  I can't imagine being in my 50s and having a baby again!!!

I still play D2 and D3.  I remember you and SSB being two of the main 1.07 players in our little community back in the day.  You gave me a lot of advice on these forums.

I'll bite.  Crossed the 50 threshold last year.  Two kids, 15 and 17.  One trying to decide where to go to college the other cruising through high school.  Can I just add that I hate the high school years.  Been married for 21 years.  Still working as a software engineer though lately I am feeling a bit burnt out on it.

Hobbies mainly revolve around gaming, running/hiking (though lately haven't done enough), and some snowboarding thrown in.  Need to find an over 50 soccer league.  Need to find a DND group.  Haven't played since my teen years and I would love to get back into it.

Greetings.  I'm fast approaching 38 this year! My girls are now 5 and 3 and noticing the older one grow as she is starting school.  I still have working knees (and can see them) but haven't had a colon for a while.   now. However a couple of times a week I get to see some of my small intestine.  So you win some/lose some.   I generally don't drink much, I just find it so overrated.  I had a few Belgium beers in Belgium last week though.

I'm about to start some postgraduate study and about to delete a mobile game off my phone I've played constantly for the past 18 months.  Looking forward to more spare time from that.  Haven't done too much gaming apart from that, partly with pc playing up, and lego excitement


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