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Lego (the awesome blocks from Denmark, not the awesome forumite from Ohio)

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Just curious how many of you had this in the past, or are still into it now?

I had a decent collection in my childhood which I still have at my dad's house. I haven't shown it to my kids yet as I dont' want it trashed. 

For fathers day I was given a new bucket of bricks for myself and the girls. I put together a few bits and gauged how constructive or destructive they were.  They had a lot of fun and generally were better than I expected.

I managed to get a set for free recently and built it with my 5 year old who surprised me with her level of concentration.  I helped her to find bits and we did it together. Once it was built they have been quite good.  Of course some looser bits come off, but they tell me and we put it back on.  It doesn't get thrown around. 

It DID end up in the rubbish bin at one point, but that was a misunderstanding with my 3 year old.  I was trying to tell her to get some half eaten food and put that in the bin.  The food was still on the table.  I managed to rescue the lego and it wasn't dirty  :o

I've now bought a rather large model for Christmas time and feel the Lego bug has bitten me again big time.  I'm thinking about getting my old stuff moved here when I can too.

I was also thinking about why I stopped in the first place.  I remember being told as a kid, that kids hit a certain point and "stopped playing with toys".  Also there was different times, when everything was fun and everyone wanted it.  Then later the peer pressure if you admitted you had LEGO you were basically a lepper. 

I compared that to my time gaming where I've never stopped and thought "I'm too old to play games on my computer now".  I remember a surfer type guy in my university hostel making a comment "you play games? thats just not cool man" but at that point I wrote him off as someone i'd be generally friendly to, but try not to interact with again.

I guess as an adult I will be using it differently than before, but since I have kids I'll be "playing" with it when its built.

I always enjoy my enounters with legos. Usually at friend's houses playing with their kids. I just don't have room for legos at the house here.

One of the best stages of adulthood is when you realize that toys are fine.

I have a collection of Lego Elves. I think they're adorable. Fight me.

I have a lot of Star Wars Lego, but no obscene Millenium Falcons.

I had them as a kid (and still have some of them), and our kids have all of theirs still.  The kids are older now and spend time with their electronics more than legos.  We wound up putting all the legos into bins sorted by color because we didn't keep the original boxes.  They are a toy that never really goes out of style.


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