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Anyone else watching?  Its on here tonight ..

Not a series that I have ever been able to get into.  I have yet to figure out why it is so beloved.

For me I passively watched it for a while. After so lo g it just clicks and you are converted.

So ... like a fungus ... it grows on you until you become part of the organism.

it's like star wars or trek. if you watched it growing up, it's probably stuck with you. without that attachment, it's probably harder to get into. Who's been around for over 50yrs now... big fan base due to longevity if nothing else.

we bought the new season on appletv but have yet to watch the premier. was able to get my wife hooked on it during tennant's run and then with smith, tho we both fell away for capaldi. cautiously optimistic for the new season.


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