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Goal: having a full Kanai's cube

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I heard Bob already has done this of course, has anyone else tried towards it?  I started with my DH and working to the achievement of 100 items in the cube.  Then each season I would see what I had never cubed, and try to do those.  I'm now down to 39 based on my last count.   27 in the weapons/off hand, 9 armour, and 3 jewelry.  17 crusader and 13 monk are the biggest headaches right now, but with a crusader in the current season I'll see what I can do about that!

I'm not yet at any one character completely finished, two of them are 1 off each

I've found its been a nice little distraction and helps towards the old "grailing" type mentality.

I have everything for barb except wizardspike and my seasonal WD has one in the stash, so I'll get that when I'm sure she doesn't need to use it. Crusader most things. WD hardly anything because I'm saving DBs, but a lot are in the stash waiting. Haven't played the other classes properly yet.

I blew way too many DBs too early on the cube with my barb but it was fun to go for them all.

I've nearly got this done, just a few things left.  Some of the items are really rare, like the fire immune amulet.  If you find that, you have a good shot.

yeah, i have that amulet, my 3 rings left are

Band of the Rue Chambers
Eternal Union
Skull Grasp

Don't forget that rare re-rolls can help speed things up, Tim.


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