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Thanks mate. Right now I am indeed running a Seismic Slam based character. I've found one piece of kit that gives +341% damage, one that gives +84%, and one that gives +10%. So far my strategy for the game is to A) find mob B) Swing hurty thing C) if that's not satisfying, hit Siesmic Slam and watch entire mob including bosses and yellows die. Very, very occasionally I need to repeat C.

Cluckeye - Chance to cluck when attacking.

Okay seriously, what?  Does "clucking" do anything?

Do you have the sound on?

Yes.  I've heard the clucking sound; I just wondered if it did anything.  Like... I don't know, boosted a stat or did something to the monsters.

Have you ever equipped pig sticker? Squeal! Blizzard trolling I think


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