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Successor to Queen Elizabeth II

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Ok first I hope she sticks around for many more years, but she is mortal and I'm not a big fan of the idea of King Charles. Imagine if there was a public vote on the replacement? Who would you vote for?

King William with lots of time on the clock, or maybe King Harry? Or another female?

The fact not many people out there have a living memory before 1952 means it will be an interesting time.

I think a King Charles could mean a few countries on the common wealth may change to republics and have their own head of state

I'm not an expert but I don't think we get to vote on the Monarchy ;)

Of course this is hypothetical

Hypothetically, if it were up to a vote, and if they let Americans vote... I'd totally vote for King Harry. :D (though I suspect he doesn't want the job!)

Since we are being ridiculous: Queen Middleton!


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